Awesome / Fake News Rumble

  • Jon and his Tesla Bat tell Dark Lord Cheney where to stick it.
  • Brian Williams, of NBC Nightly News, saves Steve Carrell and neutralizes Stephanos, whose own charisma allowed him to conquer his homeworld, using only the gravitas of a Real Newscaster... plus a little help from his winning smile and soulful eyes. He later casts Charm Person on one of Cheney's hell-beasts and rides it into the final battle, emerging, at the end, unscathed.
  • The way our group enters Cheney's place at the start of chapter 10. The very moment in itself is awesome enough, but the best part is that it is done by combining powers: Stephen and Jon clear the monsters, Anderson and Steve make a gap in the shield, and Tek and Rob finally open the 'door'. Bonus points if this song with a fitting title is playing in the background.