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Awesome: Fairy Dance Of Death
Fairy Dance Of Death
  • Argo:
    • Organized a plan to take out Kirabou.
    • Usurped her own faction's leader and instilled her friend in his place.
  • Klein:
    • Facing off against Kirabou
    • Saving a group of Cait Sith from a Valley Boss.
    • Taking on the Jotunn Boss in the Valley of the Giants with Kirito after their raid boss was killed.
  • Kirito:
    • Taking on the Jotunn Boss in the Valley of the Giants with Klein after their raid boss was killed.
    • Saving Yuuki and Asuna during their Valley Boss.
    • Saving Silica when she was being attacked by bandits.
  • Lizabeth
    • Standing up for Kirito and kicking two Sylphs out of her store because of their Fantastic Racism.
  • Sasha
    • Managing to get herself and Silica away from the bandits by using her custom spells to throw up an impenetrable earth shield, followed by a wind barrier, teaching Silica to do a water one, and then a teleportation spell...all while at arrow point.
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