Awesome / Fairly OddParents

Who wouldn't wish for moments like these...

  • Norm the Genie getting angry at Jorgen Von Strangle after Jorgen pulls Norm's wings off. The Designated Hero and his Fairy Companions are just all being Neutral Female and Norm so totally stands up to Jorgen. Also, considering that Jorgen scares the entire universe stiff (including Norm), that makes it more awesome.
  • Also Norm managed to someone unintentionally get Jorgen to run away from him in "Gimme the Wand" and when he comes in the room, Timmy tends to get scared or angry then recite Norm's species, deeds and believed alignment. You have to be pretty badass to be able to get your enemies to say your Badass Boast for you.
  • The Shapeshifting in "Gimme the Wand" was so fast that it has to be AWESOME!!!!!
  • Norm's response to Fantastic Racism when Jorgen called him a "filthy genie".
  • Chester then gets one where he unwishes meeting Norm the Genie and his entire Xanatos Speed Chess.
  • Timmy gets one in the "Wonderful Life" episode where he uses laughing gas to float above Jorgen's head, insults Jorgen and briefly believes the laughing gas was making Jorgen laugh (it wasn't).
  • Blonda had one when she stood up to Jorgen in "Blondas Have More Fun".
    • Alright, basically anytime anyone stands up to Jorgen since they all find him to be so scary.
  • When Cosmo Took a Level in Badass in "Abracatasprophe".
  • Poof gets one when his fart restores the universe. That's the most badass fart in the history of Western Animation!
  • On the most recent Fairly OddParents movie, Cosmo and Wanda's newborn son has been kidnapped by H.P. and Anti-Cosmo. Wanda tells them, "If you so much as lay a hand on our baby, I'll destroy both of you!" It did sound a bit forced, but was worth it to hear her threatening to single-handedly murder them.
  • Timmy gets one later when he reveals his initial plan not working was actually the first part of The Plan, and breaks the team out of their butterfly net. Jorgen compliments Timmy, and is interrupted by Timmy telling him to dance. He does. Keep in mind Jorgen was wearing a bunny suit.
  • In "Abracatasprophe", when Timmy tells his parents and Mr. Crocker about his fairies.
    "The truth will set you free!"
    • And then, after they're taken away forever, due to him telling people about them (in order to free them from Crocker), he munches on what's left of the Rule-Free-Wish-Muffin and wishes them back. Awesome.
  • Another one for Timmy is the entire fight with Crocker in "Abracatastrophe". It's also one of those few times that shows just how clever Timmy is when plot necessitates it, using the previously selfish seeming magic items he'd wished for earlier in the movie to CONSTANTLY counter Crocker's moves.
  • Tootie gets her CMOA when she finds the Timmy doll in "You Doo!" Not realizing the doll controls what happens to Timmy, she starts playing with it, moving its head around as if it's saying what she'd like Timmy to say. At that very moment, Timmy is having lunch with Trixie (who he has put under his own control) and is about to say something sweet to her, but thanks to Tootie messing around with the Yoodoo doll of him, she gets him to instead say that Tootie is the one he loves and has him insult Trixie at the same time.
  • The Darkness in Wishology had one in Part Three:
    Lead Eliminator: (pointing his weapon at the darkness) You cannot make me!
    (fires laser into Darkness, Darkness cringes a bit before reverting to normal)
    Darkness: But I can UNmake you. (does so)
  • In Wishology part two, Timmy's fairies and all of his friends and allies are captured. So what does he do? He gathers up his enemies to help him.
  • Timmy gets one in "Information Stupor Highway" after he avoids getting chewed out by Crocker's virus and THEN sends a viral picture of Crocker in a red rubber dress for everyone to laugh at!
  • Mr. Crocker himself gets one of these in No Substitute For Crazy. Not only does he save Timmy in a brief Enemy Mine moment, but he also single-handedly defeats Ms. Doombringer by literally putting her on a bus...or rather, having the bus hit her.
    • "They always run..."
  • The Pixies free-styling against Timmy in "Where is the Fun?" in the School's Out musical, which convinces Flappy Bob to essentially sign the entire world over to them: "It's over, Turner! YOU LOSE!"
  • Timmy and Trixie's kiss near the end of the second part of Wishology.
  • Tootie, after being passed off as a psychotic stalker that Timmy would never ever like by some fans and writers for years, is revealed to grow up to be quite beautiful and smart in the future, and ironically Timmy becomes the one chasing her in the live action movie that takes place 13 years after FOP.
    • Timmy and Tootie's kiss at the end of the live-action movie qualifies, since it ends up saving lives of Timmy's fairies.
  • In "The Poltergeeks" Poof shapeshifting into a giant monster to safe his parents after Timmy's parent's try to destroy Cosmo and Wanda on live TV after capturing themand succeeding. It's gets more awesome when he destroys Timmy's parent's ghost hunting equipment injuring Timmy's parents so horribly they are forced to give up all the money they earned to pay for their hospital bill. Served them right after they tried using Timmy as ghost bait and not caring for his safety when the ghosts approached him. (the ghosts were Cosmo and Wanda, but they didn't know that so they believed the ghosts would try to hurt Timmy)
  • Timmy's parents rescuing him from the Sewer Gator.