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Awesome: FUNimation
  • These guys are essentially the epitome of Awesome for fans of anime in America, having the most titles, the most quality in their dubs, the highest track record, and widest appreciation for the fans than any other anime company in the States.
    • They not only gave One Piece a far superior dub than when 4Kids Entertainment had it... they went so far as to go back to Episode 01 and redub everything with the new cast members, steamrolling anything 4Kids did! And they caught up, and are now moving further in the show! Awesome.
  • Or how about when Funimation announced that they licensed Hellsing Ultimate OVA 8 and will bring back the original cast and crew for the 5-8 dubs?
    • Now episodes 5-8 have been dubbed with the exact same cast and crew as before! And it was awesome!
  • Their current working relationship with Toonami; not only did they allow Adult Swim the rights to air their classic anime like Dragon Ball Z and YuYu Hakusho for free during their April Fools Day return, Funimation has also been working hand and hand with the network licensing their shows to air. Given that the Toonami block is a labor of love running on a shoestring budget, this says a lot.

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