Awesome / Everything or Nothing

  • The game opens with a original Gun Barrel, then segues into Bond spying on the exchange of a nuke. He blows up a plane for a distraction, grabs the nuke and runs for a SAS helicopter that picks him up. We then get the incredible song and title sequence. Watch it here.
  • Completing any of the Platinum Medal requirements. They're very, very fun, but you really have to stretch your brain.
  • Defeating Jaws' nano-truck on the Pontchartrain Bridge, not only for the challenge, but also for the feeling that you have just saved a major city.
  • You can score yourself a minor Awesome Moment in "Red Underground," and here's how: If you use the Q-Spider, you may encounter an "invisible" guard who's just standing around by the next part of the level. If you're far enough from him, and skilled enough, you can give him a sleeper-dart blind (i.e. without locking on).