Awesome / Evan Bourne

  • Winning the tag titles with Kofi Kingston. Not only is it one of the best pushes Evan's gotten and him teaming with Kofi in general serves to push the HSQ sky high, they won it in a epic match ending with a Trouble In Paradise from the apron into an Air Bourne!
  • He's also one of the only permitted wrestlers allowed to use the Shooting Star Press. It was banned along with other high-risk moves because previous workers like Billy Kidman were prone to not being crisp with the moves and injuring themselves or others (especially the time Kidman gave Chavo Guerrero a concussion off a botched shooting star press in a Cruiserweight title match on Smackdown! in 2005.). Bourne's technique, in which he really elevates himself to get the proper rotation (unlike Kidman in his WWE tenure, who more slid off the turnbuckle instead), has enabled him to hit the move safely and make it look impressive. This has helped slowly phase back in these kind of maneuvers along with Justin Gabriel's 450.
    • The story of how he got permission is also impressive - he was asked what he could do as a finishing move, and he suggested the Shooting Star Press. He was told it was banned, so asked if he could use the move if he could perform it safely, at which point he proceeded to perform the move perfectly several times, at which point he was told he could use the move.
  • His series of matches with Will Ospreay from Revolution Pro Wrestling in England served as a fitting return to prominence in the indies for Sydal.