Awesome / Eurotrip

  • Jamie gets one at the end of the film when he leads a tour around the Vatican while pretending to be a tour guide, and pulls it off without suspicion because he's just that knowledgeable. Arthur Frommer tells him he's one of the most intelligent, if idiosyncratic, tour guides he's ever seen. Jamie thanks him for the compliment, then explains he knows so much because he's read Frommer's guide book enough to have it memorized, but also threw in some things he left out. Considering who it is he's talking to, Jamie must be truly brilliant.
  • As the Vatican Swiss Guard prepare to arrest the protagonists, cue a Big Damn Heroes moment from the Manchester United hooligans, who bully the Guardsmen away so Scotty can talk to Mieke. Does it make sense? No. Is it awesome? Yes.