Awesome: Empire

The TV Show

  • When Jamal makes his big coming out by performing at Lucious' annual white party and covering one of his father's songs...only to change the lyrics to make it a gay love song. Everyone (except Lucious) is ecstatic.
  • Even though it wasn't exactly in the best interest for Empire Records, Anika selling out to Barretti after Lucious cheats on her again with Cookie was pretty satisfying to do to a complete jerk like him.
  • Jamal calling out Lucious for letting his homophobia cloud his judgement on making a deal with a famous and talented musician.
  • Malcolm shooting Reggie straight in the head to save Cookie.
  • "Sins of the Father" has Jamal, Rhonda, Cookie, and Camilla each giving their own "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Lucious. Rhonda bears particular mention since she finally laid into him for writing her off as some spoiled princess just because she's white, when in reality he knows nothing about her or her background: she got herself into Penn and built her own career as a fashion editor, knows enough about business to realize he cheated his sons out of their shares just to woo Cookie, and she has been Andre's wife for ten years and has been the only one to actually help him with his bipolar disorder rather than pretend it doesn't exist.
  • Jamal delivering a musical "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Black Rambo after the musician made homophobic remarks. Ending with a musical "Bitch".
  • Cookie vs Anika. Extra point for the latter showing she's not as weak as the former thought.
  • Rhonda saving Andre from being attacked by Vernon. Yes, he did die, but still awesome on her account.
  • Hakeem, during an open press of his musical duet with Snoop, changes his lyrics to diss his father.