Awesome: Emergency!

  • Being a Rescue show, you just KNOW Emergency! is going to have at least one Moment of Awesome per episode.
  • The Pilot movie:
    • Gage, DeSoto, and Dixie are dealing with a car accident (the bill legalizing paramedics hadn't been signed yet, so any emergency involving injuries required picking up a nurse at Rampart to administer authorized medical help), Dixie is unexpectedly injured and rendered unconscious, and despite orders from Dr. Brackett not to treat the patients, Gage instead says, "to hell with the orders", shuts off the BioPhone, and treats the victims anyway (including Dixie). Despite a "dressing down" lecture, admonishing them for disobeying orders, Brackett then reluctantly admits to them that they otherwise did a good job. It's this incident that finally changes his tune about the paramedic program. (He had been against it at first for somewhat valid reasons, even though he did train the paramedics.)
      • Brackett's own speech to the state legislature about the necessity of the program is pretty awesome too, pointing out how they can save a life.
      Brackett: Have any of you men seen a major car accident? I mean up close, where you can't tell the blood from the steel?
    • During a night rescue, Gage and DeSoto rescue a victim who suffers a heart attack while they're in contact with Rampart. Brackett, now realizing that the patient's life is more important than strict adherence to policy, orders the paramedics to defibrillate even though the bill hasn't been passed yet. Gage reluctantly does so, and the victim is revived after the second attempt.
  • At one point, Roy and Johnny are on a fishing trip. Of course, so many emergencies arise that they never actually get to fish, but at one point they bust their way into the county doctor's office (the doctor's obviously not in) with the help of the sheriff, place a long distance call to Rampart, and have them walk them through treating the guy. They need to get into the locked drugs cabinet for a particular medication, and the sheriff promptly smashes the glass with the butt of his service revolver.
    Sheriff: You boys tell me if you need anything else opened.
  • Most of the high-altitude rescues Johnny gets into are pretty awesome, but one that takes the cake is climbing the support arch of a bridge to rescue a stranded epileptic kid who climbed up on a dare. He gets up there and starts hooking himself up to the kid, only for the kid to have a seizure and drag them both off the arch before he can secure himself to the kid. Johnny is hanging upside down and swinging back and forth with the still-seizing kid in his arms as the rest of the crew tries to lower him slowly, and he manages to not drop the kid.