Awesome: Elysium

  • Max's Curb-Stomp Battle with Kruger's goons, Crowe and Drake, in Elysium's armory.
    • Especially the part Max lifted up Crowe. He caught and threw him onto the floor, causing the floor to cave in due to the impact.'' And then throwing Crowe across the room and into the wall.
    • Drake fires his rifle and pistol at Max before running out of bullets, and then Max unleashes the ChemRail gun. Cue More Dakka. The whole area Drake was in was immediately proliferated with enough holes to make it look like Swiss cheese. Drake died, by the way. If you pause the scene on how Drake died, you can see the rounds fired by the Chem Rail gun essentially shredded off his arms and legs with blood flying everywhere.
  • Max and Kruger's entire Final Battle on Elysium from start to finish. Definitely the highlight of the film.
    • How does Max disable Kruger's exoskeleton? He hurls himself over Kruger and rips out Kruger's skull interface for the computer connection to his exoskeleton from his head, hereby turning the tables on Kruger in one swift move.
    • Special mention goes to Max who broke off Kruger's clip which was attached to his own exoskeleton, when Kruger triggered an explosive and tries to take Max with him, within mere seconds and throwing Kruger off the rail and down to his explosive death. Utterly Badass.
  • The whole sequence of Max and Spider's Mooks going after Carlyle. First, they bring down Carlyle's fancy Flying Car with a remote-detonated bomb, which leads to a shoot-out with his security droids (complete with a glorious slow-motion shot of one of them being blasted to scraps by exploding bullets), and Max ripping another one's head clean off with sheer brute strength and his exo-suit. If not for Kruger showing up, things may have gone off without a hitch...
    • Max fighting one of the security droids and finishing it off by ripping off its head and then tossing it into a bunch of scrap metal.
    • Kruger's whole fighting style in the fight. He shows up, doesn't use a gun, and ditches the mines after he lands. He busts out knives and a katana. At one point he essentially dual wields a force field and a katana. In a high tech world where the former is available, being able to use such old fashioned technology and survive, and also combine it with the latest tech, is impressive.
      • Julio at one point shoots Kruger in the neck. It's a graze and he shrugs it off, aside from being angry. And then he proceeds to kill Julio by stabbing the latter in the body.
    • Max demanding a ride to Elysium, by grenade-point. What's even more impressive is Kruger agrees.
    • Max breaking lose from his restraints on Elysium. And beating up the security officers that were watching him.
      • To go into details, Max rips his arm off its restraints, and grabbed the first security officer by the neck. He then use his momentum to propel himself and the two security officers onto the floor, before kicking the other one in the face with his leg. Then he frees himself and pulls out the mouthpiece with long interface wires inside it, and proceeded to kick the security guard he choked in the stomach, before grabbing him by the neck and asking where Frey and her daughter is. After that, he simply grabs the officer's security keycard and hobbles off, injuries notwithstanding.
    • Max fighting against Kruger and his Mooks aboard their Dropship. Special mention goes to the part he kicks Kruger towards the armed grenade which blew the latter's face apart.
    • The ChemRail gun. You know why.
      • On a related note, the force shield on Kruger's upgraded suit gets its own moment when it shrugs off an entire magazine of fire from the ChemRail. It flat-out ignores (Aside from being blow backward by the force) a weapon that gives the middle finger to concealment, cover, the laws of physics, and the (presumably reinforced for security reasons) walls of the armory before disintegrating a Mook.
  • Kruger and his men's takeover of Elysium is a moment of villainous awesome.
    • Kruger putting his new military exoskeleton is another moment of villainous awesome.
  • The whole sequence of Max and Kruger getting ready for their Final Battle.
    • Kruger can be seen putting on his military grade exoskeleton, before checking his katana and weaponry with approval from his fellow Mooks.
    • Max, on the other hand, can be seen taking the last of his pills in one swallow before knocking his head against the elevator controls.
    • Special mention goes the the music in this scene. It simply sounds so awesome for a suit-up sequence. Just hear it here...
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