Awesome / Elongated Man

  • Figured out that he was being the victim of a plan to release a major demon and turned the tables on it, though he died in the process.
  • During the "Red Winter" arc of Justice League Europe, Ralph and Sue basically tag team in their efforts to stop Sonar from brainwashing the League, the Justice Society, and the Global Guardians. Sue pretends to go along with Sonar as his "bride" to find out certain information on his weak spots. Ralph, at first, believes Sue is genuine in her decision to leave him, and she later sends back her wedding ring. But when Ralph actually looks at the ring he's received, it's not Sue's. The ring Ralph gave Sue was a gold-plated band with a zircon, while the ring she sent back was a diamond and gold one Sonar gave her. Ralph figured out that, as his phony ring was a representation of his legitimate love for Sue, the ring she sent was a legitimate representation of her phony love. When the ploy is revealed, Sue mocks Sonar, stating his sensors (which he previously believed had shown her love was genuine) were only telling him what he wanted to hear. Ralph then decks him.