Awesome / Elliot Goes To School

  • Elliot hijacks a commercial jet on the way to school.
  • Dan, a local bully, shoves Brandon, and when he turns around, punches him in the face. What does Brandon say?
    Brandon: My turn!
    • Brandon proceeds to blow on Dan, knocking him backwards down the hall, into his friend, crashing through a window, into a dumpster, and into the schoolyard where they are hit by a commercial jet.
  • Elliot using logic on his gym teahcher:
    Elliot: If we're supposed to be at your class, why aren't YOU at the gym!?
    • It's enough to make Schwarzenegger short out, and BLOW UP THE SCHOOL.
  • The Rousing Speech Elliot gives at the end of the first episode.
  • Crossing over with CMOF, G-Man/Folding Chair yelling at Higglesworth at the end of Camping:
    G-Man: "Well, I'm gonna fuckin' slap yo shit (starts slapping Higglesworth), so how 'bout YOU go to bed. you old FUCK!?