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Awesome: Ella Enchanted
Book Version

Film Version

  • In the flashback near the beginning, when a mean child is picking on Ella's soon-to-be best friend and little Ella saves the day.
    Mean Girl: Bite me! (of course little Ella does so) OUCH!
  • When Ella is ordered to fetch some flowers for her nasty mother-in-law to be and her daughters, She picks the most poisonous plants she can find as retaliation so that they won't stop her from going on her quest.
    So, while her step family scratched newly-found itches, Ella was off, glad to be away from the... witches.
  • When Ella and her friends storm into the hall:
    Ella: Drop that crown!
  • When Benny is finally changed back to normal for the big fight.
  • The Prince Char Fan Club Girl's actually get a moment near the end of the fight.
    Lead Fan Club Member: He tried to kill Prince Char!
    Fan Club Girl: Get him!
    Heston: Oh, no! (Char's fan club start beating him up) Ow!
  • "You will no longer be obedient!"
  • Char almost casually beating up the team of ninjas trying to attack Ella, all while they argue and she explains about her curse.
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