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Awesome: Elite Beat Agents
Are you ready?

3, 2, 1... Go!

  • Jumpin'. Jack. Flash.
    Music lives!
    • And right before that... E. B. A.
    • Heck, actually beating the final level is a personal achievement in itself. On a higher difficulty, that's great. Getting all 300s? That's awesome!
    • I think the top comment of this youtube video says it all:
      "Unquestionably one of the most epic endings to a video game ever. When I finally got to it the first time, I was like "Anthem? What a dull song to end the game with." Then it ended and the agents got turned to stone, and I thought I had failed... THEN IT WAS ALL YOU BETTER GET A NEW CHAIN, CUZ THIS SHIT IS OFF IT and my face exploded."
  • It's a fan video but Elite Beat Agents crosses over with...PHOENIX WRIGHT and to the music of Queen.
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