Awesome / ElectricalBeast

  • Despite (or because of) his quirks, EB is very good at Mario. He got a Star in Tick Tock Clock by stopping time...and the clock has to run for you to get it normally.
  • He beat Koopa the Quick's second race in under 22 seconds.
  • He is really good at the flying segments, even the Wing Mario Over the Rainbow Star.
  • Electrical Beast stopping Bowser's Time Machine, aka getting 100 coins in Tick Tock Clock.
  • The reason the last Mario episode was so delayed was because, due to a computer error, he had to get all 119 Stars again. And he did. (You can see on the file select screen that on file B, he has 120 stars—he essentially played the game twice for the sake of continuity.)
  • The entire final Mario episode. Due to Bowser's mind control, he loses all his lives right before going into the final battle. During the battle, Bowser controlled him again and leaped off. But then he uses both his Time Stop and Time Reverse powers and proceeds to hand Bowser his ass. Immediately following the fight, however, he purposefully leaps off the stage so that he can do one last TELEPORT for old time's sake. Which implies that he fought Bowser thrice with no lives and minimal health twice, just for the hell of it. As he said in a previous video, he never uses stave sates.