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Awesome: Elantris
  • When Hrathen confronts the real villain of the story.
    Hrathen: I thought you understood by now, Dilaf. Nothing I do is just for show.
    • To elaborate. It was tradition for priests to always appear to be wearing heavy armor at all times. For obvious reasons, most priests wore fake armor. Dilaf had Hrathen attacked. However, Hrathen actually DID wear his heavy armor at all times and was thus combat ready and protected from the attack.
  • The closing portion of the book. The fatal flaw that had corrupted Elantris is suddenly corrected, and all the withered zombie like creatures become glowing embodiments of magical might, walk out of a raging inferno, and start kicking ass.
  • Kiin breaking out his old axe and showing why it's not a good idea to screw with someone who went by the name "Crushedthroat."
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