Awesome / Eddie Izzard

  • Running the circumference of the UK for charity. And saving a kitten on the way. And handing out free ice cream.
    • Also, this story. Executive Transvestite indeed!
  • It's a minor thing, but the following from Definite Article counts.
    "[They're attacking over the Alps? I knew it.] What? They're on elephants? This I've gotta see...are you sure? You sure it's not a typo? They're coming over the Alps and they're in their element?
  • Being the first stand-up comedian to ever perform at the Hollywood Bowl is enough to qualify. It helps that he started his routine by running up more than 150 steps to the very back of the amphitheater and back.
  • His recurring appearances on NBC's Hannibal as minor villain Dr. Gideon. Playing very much against type, Izzard's skin-crawling performance as Gideon has led to some of the most widely-discussed episodes of the series.