Awesome / Duckman

  • Duckman's rant on the human condition in "Room with a Bellevue".
    • Earlier in the episode, he blows a gasket about the pile-up of crap he'd had to deal with that day, culminating in the rant that landed him in the asylum (because he ranted without a starched collar).
  • Fluffy & Uranus actually cussing Duckman out.
  • Duckman's rant on censorship and Political Correctness Gone Mad. It should be mandatory viewing for everyone.
    Duckman: "I know you all came here to see Iggy Catalpa, because you think he's funny, because you like his style, because you just plain like him, right? But you just think you do! Because you were manipulated into thinking you do by him: King Chicken! He did it the same way they manipulate us into buying toothpaste, car wax, even politicians! All pre-packaged, the least offensive, most appealing alternative. But it's precisely when humor is offensive that we need it most! Comedy should provoke. It should blast through prejudices, challenge preconceptions. Comedy should always leave you different than when it found you. Sure humor can hurt - even alienate - but the risk is better than the alternative; a steady diet of innocuous, child proof, flavorless mush. Demand to be challenged, to be offended, to be treated like thinking, reasoning adults! And raise your children to be the same! Don't let a comedian, a network, a congressional committee, or an evil genius take away your freedom to laugh at whatever you want!"
  • Duckman punching out a waiter who mocked his kind and emotionally fullfilling girlfriend for being a Butterface.
    "A rose for the lovely lady...? Woah, how about a sugar cube?!" *PUNCH!*
  • Duckman giving a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Bernice, Charles, Mambo, Cornfed and Fluffy and Uranus in the Indian Casino episode, pointing out that for all his faults, the rest of the cast is FAR from perfect, ranging from Bernice's cruel, humiliating treatment, Charles and Mambo's treating him like an embarassment rather than a father, Fluffy and Uranus preachy and pushy attitude, and Cornfeds constant touting of his own accomplishments.