Awesome / Drive Angry

  • The Accountant is just a walking CMOA on legs:
    • Point one, his coin trick. It allows him to pose as a FBI agent and also kill TWO people.
    • And clearing through multiple cop cars in a Hydrogen-filled tanker truck while "That's The Way I Like It" plays in the background and he bops his head to the music. FUCK. YEAH.
  • "Again, what makes you think you have a choice?" "Ah ha ha ha hthis does." *BLAM*
  • Face it, the moment you saw Milton, you know he was going to have awesome moments.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The soundtrack is balls-to-the-wall awesome, especially "Stone in my Hand" and the ending number which seems surprisingly difficult to locate.
    • The ending song is "Alive", originally sung by Meat Loaf on Bat Out Of Hell 3.
      • And the scene where that song plays? John and the Accountant drive back to Hell. In a 1957 Chevrolet One-Fifty. On a suspension bridge that is tearing itself apart in flames behind them.
  • THIS:
    Jonah: Nothing of this earth can kill me!
    Milton: I'm not of this earth.
    • And neither is the Godkiller. BLAM!