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Awesome: Drive

Crowning Moment of Awesome: Drive Series

Crowning Moment of Awesome: Drive Webcomic

  • The rogue maker, in order to become a member of the Colegium, was given the "Test of Tests". The test is different for every maker, and his was to birth a spirit (Invent/build a unique item) that could isolate and contain a single quarknote , within a week, with the meager materials provided, without food. He finished in one hour.
  • The entire Tesskan fleet wiped out by the continuum, a high ranking Tesskan officer is "asked" for Earth's coordinates. Faced with certain death when he reveals he doesn't know the coordinates, he doesn't flinch. Instead, he decapitates the Maker who asked him, then leads his fellow prisoners in taking over the Continuum's biggest ship within minutes.
    Maker: How many broke out?
    Mook 1: Roughly four thousand.
    Mook 2: Maker, they're taken over the armory.
    Maker: Spirits! They've made it all the way there?? Gas that entire deck.
    Mook 2: We did... but it... it doesn't seem to...
    Maker: Then open the airlocks: Clear them out like fikk rats!
    Mook 3: Maker, a second group! In the corridor!
    Maker: What? Here? They're here?? Mobilize my guard! And prep the cores... I'll blow the entire ship if necess-
    Tesskan: Oh, that won' be ness'sary. I wanna take yer purty ship fer a spin.
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