Awesome: DragonForce

The Band

  • Here is Herman Li playing a guitar solo in a hot tub. Any questions?
  • In their commercial for Capital One. Not only are Sam and Herman able to do their mobile banking while waiting for the other to finish their solos (They take turns in doing about 4 bars of the solo, while the other waits), but they are doing them while shooting lightning out of their guitars and riding a flaming asteroid through space! It really does not get better than this!

The Video Game

  • After you beat Madruk's One-Winged Angel form to within an inch of his life, the monarch you're playing as automatically unloads a can of whoop-ass on him in the form of a holy-dragon-fuelled version of their ultimate, tier 3 spell, complete with explosions across Madruk's body.
    • Said spell can also be used in any normal battle, once your monarch gets a powerup after obtaining their Ancient Artifact.
  • Bonus points to Junon, whose tier 3 spell, Sonic Blast, gets a complete makeover: 5 glowing blue shark-fin-eque shockwaves get turned into a blazing dragon head & wings. The other monarchs only glow golden, or get their summons replaced by a miniature version of Harsgalt.
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