Awesome / Dragon Ball Kai

  • Does anyone else think something as mundane as using Goku's surname in the English dub qualifies as a CMOA, especially given the context?
    • You aren't the only one, as a kid, I never knew of Goku's last name, I only found out as I got a little older getting my hands on the manga... so hearing good ol' Sean say, "Son Goku"... yeah I kinda geeked out.
      • Yeah, that moment vindicated Funimation forever as far as Dragon Ball dubbing goes. All the improvements they've been doing in both the scripting and voice acting departments, which was slowly showing through with the video games, all just culminated with the Kai dub and IMO exploded in those three seconds.
    • If only they kept the name in Battle of Gods' dub. For some reason, they have Goku say "Sir Goku" instead of "Son Goku" & it makes the line sound a bit awkward.
    • Even better, supposedly it was Sean Schemmel, the voice of Goku, himself who lobbied for the chance to say the full name in the dub.
  • The dub, in general, being more accurate to the original Japanese with better voice acting to boot. It's vindicated FUNimation further as a competent dubbing company & gave dub fans who don't care for Z's dub a dub to watch.
    • As a fan who never really got into the DBZ dub because of the scripting & voice acting, it's been great actually watching this series & not cringing at bad translation, or bad voice acting, or the bad insert dialogue dubs felt the need to throw in back then.
  • The fact that it's been uncanceled.
  • The Ginyu Force's entrance.
    Ginyu Force Rules! Ginyu Force Rules! Ginyu Force Rules! Ginyu Force Rules!
  • The original Dragon Ball Z was a well-loved icon on Cartoon Network's Toonami block, with the Ocean dub managing to find its ground on the block after a failed syndication run, bringing in some of the highest ratings the network has ever seen, and convincing Funimation to continue the english dub in-house. Fast forward to 2014, a couple years after Toonami was officially revived as a Saturday night block on [adult swim], and the production crew has confirmed that, following in the footsteps of the original, Dragon Ball Z Kai would officially be airing in Fall.
  • On August 8, 2015, the airing of Kai on Toonami pulled down over 2 million viewers. It became the first show in the history of the relaunched block to do that!