Awesome / Dragon Quest V

  • You start out as a six year old kid traveling with your father. What do you do? You go ghost busting to save a poor sabercub from some bullies, save a mystical land from a endless winter, and save a prince! The last one doesn't end well, but still, points for effort.
  • Pankraz is made of awesome. He has twice the amount of health for his level, and gets two moves a turn! At the end of the first generation, he rams into a metal cell door so hard, physics get broken, and the door flies off in the opposite direction!
  • Second generation? You start out by uncovering a royal conspiracy. Then you go off to get married. How do you get married? Get two rings. One ring is in a volcano, guarded by three magma men. The second one is a watery cavern. Then get married, regardless of which bride you choose, it's still awesome. Next, you head off to become king, and a father. Then things again fall apart. Your wife is kidnapped, and once you rescue her, you get turned to stone. And you watch the world fall apart...
  • Killing an ancient demon the size of a mountain has to count. And while you do the actual work, it seems Rodrigo was perfectly willing to fight it himself.
  • Finally, finally killing Bishop Ladja once and for all near the end of the game. And then after the battle, watching him get incinerated by light.