Awesome / Dragon Nest

  • In a strange way, The Black Knight easily defeating the player the first few times he encounters them.
  • The Black Knight summoning a bunch of blue gargoyles to help him fight, one of which the player gets to take down.
  • Argenta holding her own against The Black Knight.
  • Old Gobbus transforming into a hobgoblin and killing Elena with a bit of help from his poochum.
  • Gerrant fighting The Black Knight and allowing Argenta to rescue Rose.
  • The character creation screen went from this to this onwards after the addition of the Kali (Not pictured Assassin, Lancea and Machina). The sight of all the playable characters going to attack the Black Dragon is something to behold.
  • As sad as her initial story is, there's something very satisfying about Rosalinde getting brought down from her villain status thanks to Velskud, Pether, and Yuven. That's what you get for deciding to be a villain, BITCH.
  • Beating the Red Dragon Nest. Not only do you finally kill Jasmine for all the shit she's pulled against the Tinkerer, you also finally get to kill King Pether after all those moments presenting him as a near unstoppable villain.
  • Really, beating any of the Dragon Nests in general, especially the Green Dragon Nest, as by killing Kalahan, you avenge Kasarana.