Awesome / Doug Walker

  • Doug's utter disgust at the abortion bit in Breaking Dawn. He's usually a nice, sweet, calm guy (and even with all his hate he's apologetic afterwards) and here he was shaking and close to rage-tears about how offensive it was.
    • Bringing up the fact that while Twilight (before this anyway) and the Disney Princesses are crappy, manipulative stereotypes, they're not destroying the minds of girls - like a lot of people say - because girls usually know full well that these are just fairy tales.
    • Pointing how Meyer is insulting men for once note  by having "the perfect man" be so horrible towards to a pregnant Bella and not wanting to give her a choice about what's in her fucking belly.
    • Even before he got to the abortion hate, his angrishy confusion about why they didn't use protection was pretty cool too.
    • Even though he says he's going to be an asshole and go back on his whole "every movie means something to someone" belief, he stops himself. Even though the film pretty much broke him (and we know he's far less easy to crush than Critic), he ends up as self-effacing as ever, sure that it's just him overreacting. Good man.
      • To add to that, he never bashes the lady-friend he saw it with. Sure, he states that he is curious about her opinion (and other people's who actually like the film), but he states it intrigued with little to no anger. He directs his anger at the right target, the movie.
    • His words regarding Twilight's false belief that they are being brave by approaching abortion as badly as it did:
      It's not bravery, it's not... Bravery is really understanding the issue before you say a goddamn thing about it.
  • It might be weird but Doug's reaction to all the fanart and fanfic about him. He was pretty much just making fun of anyone who thought he'd be creeped out by it. And judging by how Critic is pretty much the designated torture toy for the fandom, that's a nice thing for him to do.
  • An oldie but a goodie, but Doug's rising anger at "Boys Beware" and the ending line:
    Doug: Remember, prejudice is wrong unless it's against the right people, you should never question authority, paranoia is your friend and anything different is evil! Good night, and enjoy fearing this world though you'll never understand why!
  • Doug's Patrick Stewart Speech about why he's doing a whole month of reviewing nothing but the Disney Animated Canon in his specials.
    • That he's doing three reviews a day for an entire month in the first place, added onto the large amount of work we know he already has. Even he's starting to express some panic.
    • Throughout the month, he's proved Critic's "Real Women Don't Wear Dresses" belief totally only belongs to the character by arguing that often-bashed leads like Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella etc. really aren't that bad from a true feminist perspective. And his being sure to mention that this is only from a guy's POV has made the "men are only allies" crowd happy.
    • Disneycember as a whole counts, really. Doug, while already putting together his usual line up AND despite having computer issues, reviewed 48 animated Disney movies (with two exceptions) in a little over a month.
  • Again from Facebook, this post. The boy has a fantastic way with words.
    • The video was fake (you can check the original channel). However, it doesn't detract any from Doug's power wordplay and that the message, while fabricated, is certainly a telling one.
    • Doug actually commented on the rising news on whether the video was fake (ummm, how do we know it's fake for sure?). Doug comments that despite hearing the news, he holds to his belief that the grief of the boy was real and that he was glad things in the boy's life was improving.
  • His commentary on his disastrous Bart's Nightmare LP, which is mostly a treatise on how every artist will make mistakes, and you need to know how to respond to them and move on if you want to keep your audience.
    • Trying to get it into fan heads again that he's nothing like his character (except for a few opinions that he twists to extremes) and please don't listen to people who try to force their opinions on others.
  • His "Top 10 Movies That He Hates But Everybody Else Loves" and "Top 10 Movies That He Likes But Everybody Else Hates" videos deserve mention for being mature and respectful in his approach to them, when it would have been easy and tempting to insult people for their taste in movies, a mistake that Internet reviewers, both amateur and professional, can and HAVE made.
  • Just for sheer balls (no pun intended), what happens here. A girl sneaks in to take pictures of Doug and he indulges her with slutty poses. Then a group of both men and women swarm him and he doesn't freak, but spreads his legs so they can take photos of his crotch. He even happily calls himself a manwhore right after, when anyone else would be (rightfully so) having personal space issues.
  • In his Suburban Knights commentary (this has nothing to do with the movie so that's why it's here), he goes on another "princesses are sexist stereotypes" rant, but makes it slightly different because he adds in that kings (especially the conquesting ones) are also problematic because they can teach boys to be violent and just take the things they want.
  • That incredibly Incredibly Long Note he did in his Christmas Holiday greeting video. Just... damn.
    • Plus, after it's done he just starts talking again without any apparent discomfort.
    • He did it again. Thirty-five seconds.
  • Doug meets and improvs with Cristina Valenzuela.
  • Spending December of 2011 doing Disneycember, where he reviews most of the movies of the Disney Animated Canon.
    • And despite a virus setting him back a week, he finishes it anyway in January.
  • His well-reasoned argument in his personal review of "The Secret World of Arrietty," that while not all children are going to appreciate mature movies, the likes of which Studio Ghibli and Pixar are making, they at least deserve the option.
  • The mature reaction to the news that a new Garbage Pail Kids movie was coming out - that it might be good or it might be awful - putting him in firm contrast to his "end is nigh!11!!!" fans.
  • This. Tell him what to think, Internet.
  • His facebook rant on The Lorax (complete with Chick video rec) rivals the Twilight VLog for righteous fury. More awesome than the rant itself is that he can still admit that is is indeed Complaining about Shows You Don't Watch.
  • This video serving as both a Take That! to Michael Bay's crutches (Space Jews, Male Gaze and Stuff Blowing Up) and the people wailing about how the change "raped their childhood"s.
  • Over on the DVD, the "Making Of A Nostalgia Critic" shows he really knows what he's talking about when it comes to filming, comedy and trying to make things perfect.
  • Remember the Critic's list of PSA's and how he was laughing at how over the top they were? Well, Doug gives us a good one.
  • Not that his voice isn't awesome, but any time he comes down with a throat infection he improvises very nicely. Whether or not you find the episodes funny, give him points for a) working around it and b) not doing the understandable thing and spending a week in bed.
  • Doug getting Mara Wilson, celebrity and former child-actress to cameo in his review of A Simple Wish. It's a CMOA for her too for agreeing to it.
    • When he did an interview with Mara later on, both of them start off by pointing out how stupid it is that men think a Former Child Star having boobs destroys their childhoods.
  • Talking a customs agent into letting him back into America after losing his passport, by rambling about Bronies.
  • His video about ending the Nostalgia Critic, being a complete class act as he talks about not wanting to keep doing the character just for the money as it gets harder and harder to come up with new material for him, and also making clear that he himself is not going anywhere and has some exciting new shows in the pipeline. In the same video, announcing (and briefly showing) that Channel Awesome has now actually purchased an entire studio in which they can continue producing content.
  • In "The Worst Movies NC Has Reviewed", both ripping Garbage Pail Kids apart for sending such awful messages to kids, and practically begging anyone who liked it to come forward and explain to him why. Even better, he won't even bitch at you, he genuinely wants to know what he's missing about the thing. Special points go to him for saying "STATE HOME FOR THE UGLY?! Are you fucked?! Who... WHO DOES THAT?!"
    • He might get mad at himself for it, but all his getting side-tracked with ideas on how to make the films better shows what a creative cookie he really is.
  • In "The Top 11 Favorite NC Jokes", the "bunny boobies" bit is less how he thought it was funny and more of a three minute rant on how it really shouldn't be that difficult to write a decent female character.
    • Defending the Tom and Jerry cartoon as something much more than just silly slapstick aimed at kids, and talks about how great the expressions and movements are.
  • Despite also making it clear that he refuses to do anything that spreads hate instead of mocking it, having the stones to make a point at Youmacon that Ask That Guy is an exaggerated version of a part of himself just like all his other characters. Most people would try to distance themselves from a persona like that, especially if they had such a Nice Guy reputation like Doug does. Also bringing out the (really not around much even at this point) character in a response to a question and morphing from his keety cutie self to the kind of Motor Mouth creep who descends on women. To rapturous applause.
  • Obviously he had to, but at Shadocon he gritted out "I'm never doing that goddamn Bat Credit Card joke again". After hating it so much that he got a Twitchy Eye but still doing it for fans, it's a brave backboned attempt at finally putting his foot down.
  • Whether you agreed with him or not, it must be said that thinking his Demo Reel parody was better than The Dark Knight Rises showed semblance of a spine that he's not usually known for.
  • In Disneycember V2: He gives Toy Story perhaps one of the highest praise ever. He says it changed the industry for the better. Putting emphasis on story and good writing over effects.
    • Having the balls to analyze, albeit positively, the golden boy movies of Pixar and not just gush over them.
  • At about twenty four minutes into this, Doug and Arin improvising a musical reaction to "what was your response to Disney buying Star Wars?"
  • He starred in Sonic and, even without any lines, gave one of the best performances as a captured foot soldier who is willing to die to protect people.
  • Japanese animators saw it fit to plug in The Cameo for The Nostalgia Critic as a background character in Zettai Karen Children: Unlimited (and he has made it clear that he usually doesn't deal much with anime). Same goes with James Rolfe and The Angry Video Game Nerd. And in response, Doug Walker posts this on his facebook.
  • Simply this video: Most. Epic. Quitting. Ever... of all time.
  • Making use of his illustrating experience to peg Azula as being important even during her Early-Bird Cameo, by noting that her design is too complex to simply be a background character.
    • Speaking of Azula, Grey DeLisle posting a link to his Avatar videos on Facebook, with simply a happy face as her own comment.
    • Doug and Rob's impromptu PSA about animal cruelty while reviewing "Appa's Lost Days."
    • The many people who had issues with Mako's dishonesty with Asami will love this one: after the Ship Tease in "The Sting," Rob declares that if Mako gets back together with Asami and then dumps her for Korra again, he's done with the show.
    • Rob suggests that Nickelodeon make toys of the dragonfly-bunnies, which will undoubtedly sell well, so they can quit jerking the creators around and let them do as many more seasons of Korra as they want.
    • Doug comes up with a very simple way to not make the first half of "Spirits" such a slog: have Korra get pieces of the story from "Beginnings" throughout that half, rather than lumping it all into its own two-parter.
  • In the Frozen Sibling Rivalry, Rob shuts down Doug's tantrummy defending of a sexist Damsel in Distress moment with a stern "I wasn't finished" and even gets a "sorry sir" as an apology.
    • For the other side not slapping the labels of "tantrummy" and "sexist" on it, Doug's defense of it was pretty good before Rob shut him down.
  • Criticizing Matilda for its mean-spiritedness despite a slew of warnings from fans not to do a Nostalgia Critic review of it.
  • Episode 1 of Adventure Time left him at a complete loss for words, and struggling to make any sense of what he just saw. But episode 2 actually inspired him into a "World of Cardboard" Speech proclaiming that he will never give up on trying to figure out what the show is and why people love it so much.
    • In "Ocean Of Fear", Jori admitting she's scared of the water and going on a rant about the childhood therapist who thought scaring her even more with immersion therapy was a good idea.
    • In "Loyalty To The King", although it was just a segway, Jason calling out Rob on embarrassing Doug through mocking his opinions and his initial upset at the show.
    • In Storytelling, Doug getting distracted into an aesop rant about how if someone says no to you wanting them, you should respect that and stop trying because you'll just end up creepy. Note that was pre-Hyper storyline.
    • For anyone tired/upset at Doug's near-constant Take That, Audience!, Jason at the end of "The Other Tarts" asking him why he's so pissed all the time now.
    • Small, but in "Susan Strong" when Doug starts in on the balding wangst again, Jason pointing out that he's only got himself to blame.
    • Nobody will listen to her, but "The Real You" has Jori calling the fandom out for always poking Doug's crazy.
    Jori: Why do you people encourage him, oh my God. Don't encourage him anymore, Jesus!
    • Jori also yelling at Doug and shoving him when he goes into sexist territory and assumes that once girls hear they're liked they instantly want to get married.
    • In "Go With Me", Jason (albeit jokingly) threatening to throw Doug out of his house for his crazed shipping of Finn/Marceline when the former is far too young and the latter doesn't even want a relationship. Also, even if you like Beauty and the Beast, his pointing out that if his daughter was in the Prince's position (a minor alone in a house and having a stranger asking to come in), he'd want her to turn them away. Also when Doug (who got trolled into thinking there'd be a PB/Marcy/Finn Love Triangle) whines that he doesn't want to see the “good girl” (supposedly PB) get the “good guy” (Finn), Jason points out that he loves Disney where that happens all the time.
    Jason: That's exactly what Disney is.
    Doug: Okay... well. Well...
    Jason: Yeah that's what I thought.
    • In "Too Young", Jason calling out Doug for accepting everything Marceline does "because it's her character to be crazy", while never letting Bubblegum win on anything, either being too boring or too bitchy for him.
      • Also Jori leaving "before [she] gets kicked out like usual" and giving Doug the finger offscreen. Jason's crowing and Doug's annoyance is gold.
    • While made slightly hypocritical later by calling Bubblegum a bitch later for rejecting Finn, Doug complaining in Wizard Battle that he's being stalkerish and Entitled to Have You by “protecting her lips” when they aren't his to protect is still pretty nice.
    • In "Fionna And Cake", Jori calling Doug "the worst" for scaring Naruto and threatening to make he a she.
    • In The Wand, Doug's Stealth Insult of having a Homoerotic Dream about ridiculous homophobe Sean Hannity.
    • While Doug has analyzed a lot of season three really deeply, he goes into shallow mode for the Ice King's backstory and obsesses over the glasses. And instead on unleashing ableist hell on him like the fandom did, Jason nicely brings up the fact that he's looking for the simple things like fries or glasses "as a way out" when the show is being depressing. (Not to say that Doug didn't have a cool moment regarding the issue later on.)
    • In "Marceline's Closet", noticing the "Gunter" on Marceline's notebook and working out that there's a connection between her and the Ice King because they were both around for the apocalypse in some capacity. Jason steers him away from it, but after all the comments about him being stupid for "Holly Jolly Secrets", it's a nice moment of perceptiveness.
      • Doug understanding the need for queer representation better than the sjw half of tumblr, saying gay cartoon characters would be progressive for LGBT rights and mocking people who only want heterosexual fiction as "hopeless".
    • And in a bonus video to do with the Ice King's glasses drama, Doug trying his best to get across that he's done plenty of things that you can be angry at him for, but that you really shouldn't hate him for his opinion because it means nothing.
      • He's also shaking when he pleads that everyone has a right to be happy, and the amount of hate and anger thrown at him for opinions could so easily be channeled into making sure people can go to sleep at night not feeling like they're starving. Even Jason (who will consistently call him out when he's acting badly) is impressed and says he should be a motivational speaker.
      • As counterpoint to Doug's thinking it's just trying to find stuff to be angry about, Jason making it clear that he doesn't condone people getting as upset as they are, but he can understand them putting a lot of stock in a scene that reassured that Ice King and company are identifiable with tragedy, which Doug agrees with and clarifies he's just venting to the really angry people.
    • In "Incendium", when Doug maddeningly (because he was sympathetic to her when he thought she was gay in "What Was Missing) dismisses Bubblegum as a bitch for rejecting Finn again, Jason managing to change his mind by putting his head on his lap to demonstrate how uncomfortable that is.
      • Also when Doug goes on about getting the age difference between Finn and PB, Jason reminding him that he said all this, just Doug and Jori didn't listen because they were too busy ragging on the princess.
    • Being middle-class white men they're of course kidding, but the ending of "Princess Monster Wife" is still pretty cool.
    Jason: Screw society?
    Doug: Sure.
    Jason: Fight the power?
    Doug: Always.
    • Because Jori is convinced (and Doug slightly less so) that Ice King is full of sweetness and the "couple" could have made it work, Jason lays down the fact that while Ice King is tragic, he still did a horrible thing creating a Trophy Wife from all his favorite parts of princesses and abusive husbands in real life think they're being loving too.
    • For anyone tired of seeing people (Jori and Doug in the v-logs specifically) twisting canon to make it look like Princess Bubblegum is pure evil, Jason, in the "Goliad" v-log, explained articulately that Goliad had all kinds of other factors (like Jake yelling at the kids in front of her) influencing her and she was a definite case of nurture over nature, so she and Bubblegum can't be alike.
    • While the context is about romance, in "King Worm" Doug manages to sum up the problem of PTSD better than any essay can.
    Doug: Once that scar hits you, it’s like even if you’re moving on, it’s still going to be a scar, it never fully going to leave.
    • There's funny moments scattered around with Naruto and what fast food they like, but a lot of the "I Remember You" vlog (which was the longest so far at half an hour) consisted of talking about either themselves being ill or relatives with illness, and should be commended for being so willing to talk about that.
    • Doug's speech in The Suitor about how good it is that Dogged Nice Guys aren't getting what they want in recent media, and relieving (because the vlog was made after the Old vs New Spider-Man) anyone scared that Hyper Fangirl would end up rewarded with Critic.
    Doug: The mindset before was “if I try hard enough, if I love you enough, you'll love me and we'll be happy and it was meant to be because I love you so much” and there's sort of this thing now where it's like they build it up, it takes two, it takes two people but they both have to agree to come together, it can't just be one person going “I really love you” if the other person doesn't, that's it, there's no like “hey I have to love you more”, no you're just going after a prize, you're not going after a relationship.
    • In “The Party's Over Isla De Senorita”, Jason and Doug getting why Bubblegum has every right to be detached from men since she's been harassed by them for centuries. It sounds like such a basic thing, but that's not even a point of view discussed in fandom, what with too many people trashing her for “friendzoning” Finn or “unfairly rejecting” Braco, and never looking at it from her side.
    • In "Shh", Doug calling out the sexists in his fandom for the first time, saying that the comment sections probably enjoy Jori looking nice and not talking because they don't like women speaking.
    • In “The Vault”, dead Jori (just go with it) hitting Doug with her pig rabbit when he says he asks women how much they weigh.
    • In “Earth and Water”, Doug both calling out the ableism of making Cinnamon Bun the mentally slow screw-up and the sexist trend of it only being young women (like Flame Princess, Elsa and Princess Peach) whose emotions are tied to their powers.
    • In “Apple Wedding”, Doug's theory that when they were rebuilding the world, they saw all the Princesses Rule media, thought that was the highest royalty and that's why there's a million princesses in Ooo. It's actually a good theory, and would make a lot sense for the show's way of satire.
    • In “Betty”, while he's joking, Jason shouting at Doug and calling him a horrible person when Doug says he would abandon his hypothetical mentally ill wife if his sane wife in the future gave him a way out.
    • Although it gets Jori looking sad because he's kinda yelling at her, Jason's rant in “The Tower” on how it's ridiculous to blame Bubblegum for Flame Princess because that's just trying to absolve the Flame King of responsibility and PB was doing what she could to protect everyone as usual.
    • In “Breezy”, Jason – not even having watched the episode beforehand like he did for all the previous ones – analyzing why Breezy loved Finn's flower, not Finn himself, and relating it to fangirls wanting to marry Doug when they don't actually know him, just think he's pretty or like the character he plays. Pointing that last bit out is cool in itself.
      • Considering how many times he's said no to creepy requests but wound up being pressured to do them anyway, Doug telling a girl (who wanted to grab his ass) no with the reasoning that his wife was watching. And when she asked to grab wife's ass, he said no again.
  • In the Thor: The Dark World Sibling Rivalry, Rob calling out Doug's Double Standard on thinking a Wonder Woman movie would be "too silly".
  • The end of his Saving Mr. Banks review, another overview of the Disney canon and why it's been a success for so long.
    • And in the review itself, despite loving the movie he's still willing to call it out for lying about what PL Travers thought of the finished Mary Poppins film.
  • At the end of the 2013 drive, Todd stated that he was never really offended by anything, but Doug told him that meant he was just lucky in life note . Strange considering the complaints directed at him post-comeback and his dismissals of such, but maybe that just makes it better.
  • In the review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Rob chastising the creators of DC Comics films for taking so long to get their act together while Marvel's been demonstrating exactly how to do comic book movies for several years, in particular the ongoing lack of a Wonder Woman movie.
    • Followed up by an even angrier rant in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 about how Sony is repeating all the same mistakes from their last attempt at a Spider-Man series, and if this is the best they can do they should just give up and let Marvel Films have the character.
    • Also, his extensive knowledge of comic history talks about the ways that Gwen Stacy's death works and doesn't work in the film when comparing it to its source.
  • Wanting all homophobes to starve themselves into dust.
  • Doug and Rob both lambasting Nickelodeon for the mess they've made of the marketing of Korra's third season.
  • Calling out the Double Standard of male and female nudity while reviewing Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.
  • Rob's white hot rage at Nickelodeon forcing Korra to do a clip show.
  • Rob's Mabel Christmas sweater. Admit it, you want one.
  • Soos And The Real Girl: For anyone still mad at Doug's Sailor Moon review, after they see the coded Shout-Out and Doug mentions not being a fan, Rob tells Doug not to hate on the show and to have more fun.
  • In "Into The Bunker", when Rob is acting like Doug is mean to him for being nitpicky and not liking Waddles, Doug actually pointing out that Rob mocks him a lot more.
  • In the beginning of Interstellar, talking about how you can't pretend (like many did with any of his uncomfortable rambles from the Adventure Time vlogs) that when he's As Himself he's just joking or lying or being a character and you actually have to listen to him, no matter how fucked up he sounds.
  • More understated than most, but in the “Shut Up And Talk” with Welshy, while Doug sadly admits that he gets so many different threats he could make folders (stalking threats and death threats included), he at least doesn't feel scared by them because he knows the people threatening him are usually cowards.
  • Appearing in Welshy's farewell video and being completely game for admitting his Pandering to the Base reasons in bringing Critic back.
  • In the real review of Mamma Mia!, Doug's gleeful retelling of how upset male fans got when he called The Princess Bride a Chick Flick and at the notion that there are female fans of things like Transformers.
  • Their review of Cinderella (2015) in how it makes the animated Cinderella look strong and progressive compared to the new one.
  • In the MME Channel Awesome panel, his advice to people with anxiety, both for being actual motivation and telling people he's scared at all must take a lot of strength to admit.
    Doug: I still get nervous before I perform or do anything, but there's some kind of urgency back-up that clicks in and says “okay, fear later, you can worry about it later, you're performing, you're having fun, don't let them see you're actually terrified”.
  • Scoring an interview with Tommy Wiseau, after the Frivolous Lawsuit debacle over the site's reviews of The Room.
  • In the Demolition Man behind the scenes, he, Malcolm and Rob all mocking Indiana's homophobia masquerading as religious rights.
    Doug: We just want our right to be prejudiced!
  • Bringing back the Nostalgia Critic web series and making it even better than before, in terms of production values and storylines.
  • Even though Rob mocks him for putting too much thought into it (and also the inevitable complaining that he's too into social justice), Doug talking in the "Mortal Kombat" review that seeing this movie at fourteen made him realize there was sexist shit going on at Hollywood is pretty cool.
  • In Midwest Media Expo 2015, while talking about Christmas Story II, Doug calling out the Misaimed Fandom, that Hyper has kidnapped him, held him at gunpoint etc but just because he yelled at her (fact that Tamara's a good actress added to it as well) he was seen as the one in the wrong and everyone had forgotten the shit she did. Rob adds on Sarcasm Mode “it's okay to break the law if you love someone!”, and they both agree that she's the Christian Grey to Critic's Ana Steele.
  • Hilarious as well because he basically charmed the shit out of GLADOS, but in the Cards Against Humanity Midwest Media Expo panel, very gracefully getting Ellen McClain to join in a round with them.
  • In the Sibling Rivalry for Mad Max: Fury Road, Doug mocking the MRAs who complained about too much women and saying in general that if you're the majority and whining that others getting representation is unfair to you, then you're an idiot because that's not how it works.
    • Also faking sympathy for “poor white guys” who complain about too many women being in the movie, because more women being in films isn't going to stop any time soon and they're fighting a losing battle.
  • Not for Doug (because he assumes it would kill a poc kid's career) but for Dante Basco, in the “Shut Up And Talk” interview he talks about what a missed opportunity it was to cast a white kid as Aang in The Last Airbender because Caucasian kids get so many chances for roles anyway. Hell, the fact that he got Dante Basco over there and on the show is pretty impressive in itself.
  • In "Little Gift Shop Of Horrors'', Doug wants the handsome man that the witch meets at the end to turn out to be a trans woman (who extra bonus is glad to be acknowledged as a woman for once) and for the witch to be happy about that, and when Rob complains that he's obsessed, says he just wants more legit gay characters.
  • In the Korra finale, while Rob is a little more dismissive and “Japanese did it first”, Doug's glee (although he hates the fact that media is so heteronormative he's amazed at all) at Korra being bisexual is completely unrestrained.
    Doug: All the people that are against it like yeah the show's fun and cool and everything, like oh! She was bi, bitches! Like all of a sudden you were watching a bi character the whole time so hah!
  • In the Sharkboy and Lavagirl behind the scenes, they're mocking meninists, and Doug complains that there are genuine issues that men face, like having to fit into gender roles, but all meninists want to do is make feminists go away and not help actual problems.
  • For the paleonuts out there, the fact that the Spoiler Corner for Jurassic World brings up feathered dinosaurs and reveals that Doug and Rob do not hate the idea. Instead, it leads to Doug ranting that the constant excuses for the dinosaurs' inaccuracies are among the many things that serve to prove that the franchise's "science"—however awesome it may be—is too complicated and ridiculous to actually work.
  • In Cat Fingers, Doug having a rant about how representation matters.
    Doug: I always say, with anything, whenever someone's like you can't do this with race, you can't do this with gender, you can't do this with sexuality, you're limiting options, you're limiting possibilities. There are so many options, there are so many possibilities and I think it's reflected in a show like this and other shows that are doing something similar, so whenever you say you can't do something with transgender, transsexual, gay, black, whatever, you're limiting what you can do and there's just so much fun that can be had, so many possibilities. It just gets boring and you keep yourself in a box and unless you expand...
  • Much like his delight for Korrasami, Doug's glee in Congo about gay marriage being legalized everywhere in the USA.
    Doug: [in Curry's voice] The diamonds are here, queer and not going anywhere. [normal voice] And now they're officially not, hah!
  • In Joking Victim, Doug was upset that Lars was so horrible and abusive to Sadie, and thought the ending wasn't him changing at all, but Rob and him both assume he's wrong. In Steven And The Stevens, Lars is again mean to her, and Doug deliberately kept quiet until the vlog to crow that for once Rob was wrong and he was right.
  • With An Indirect Kiss, while Rob is more “just gal pals” and makes Doug backtrack into “probably just a fangirl thing”, Doug picking up the confirmed lesbian vibes that Pearl has towards Rose. It continues with Lion 3: Direct To Video and Warp Tour, with him getting hints that Pearl was in love with Rose a long while before a lot of fans.
  • Going on from Joking Victim, Doug complaining at Island Adventure for making Sadie just as abusive as Lars, and calling her forcing him on the island like Harley Quinn's Mad Love or Hyper trying to enforce Stockholm Syndrome in Critic.
  • In the Real Thoughts: Cat in the Hat video, Doug goes off on a truly awesome rant against the Dr. Seuss movies that really has to be heard to be believed. In fact, at the end of it, Rob applauds and cheers for him. Even if the two of them can get a little heavy-handed on the topic, it was a sight to behold here. And on an unrelated note, a scene in the same video, even if for a few seconds, shows that Rob has a decent set of singing pipes.
  • In the vlog on the Gravity Falls episode "Weirdmageddon Part 1," Doug makes a point to defy all the drama in the fandom over whose fault Bill's victory is, saying it never once occurred to him while watching the episode to assign blame to anyone because he was too wrapped up in the tragedy.
  • In Rose's Scabbard, while it doesn't apply to SU as they analyze, Doug complaining that gay/lesbian relationships shouldn't be built up in secret for shock value, because gay/lesbian relationships are in no way a shocking concept anymore.
  • Although there's a lot of mocking everyone, the Ghostbusters Remake News has a lot more trashing “meninists” (Doug then sarcasm modeing that men have it so hard) for being so upset with the female cast movie.
  • In "Top 10 Movies That He Hates But Everybody Else Loves" he relentlessly mocks one of the main characters in Moulin Rouge! for her blind ambition, wanting to be "a real actress."
  • At the end of The Force Awakens, Doug calling out the original trilogy for having all these different aliens but most of the human characters being white men, whereas in this film it actually seems more like a universe with its higher diversity.
  • In the Disneycember review of 2015's Cinderella, defending how the animated version is a much better depiction of an empowering abused person, “because she's trying to work through a mindset she's had since childhood, to see that she is worth the effort of breaking out, that it's worth going behind her stepmother and stepsister's back”, instead of the 2015-Cinderella who doesn't react to anything and just waits for help.
  • As distressing as the context is, it's cool to see Doug finally complain about the tons of YouTubers who steal his videos, especially as YT doesn't punish them. That simple update video explaining what was going on with their lack of monetization and why there were fewer videos apart from regular NC's has gotten over a million views and has most likely been shared across a multitude of websites with people warning each other, viewers and content creators alike, of the horrible situation Channel Awesome and several other YouTubers are going through. And to top it off less than a day after he uploaded it they got their monetization back.
  • In Love Letters, Doug goes on for a while about how much Love at First Sight isn't actually a thing, and how damaging romantic comedies are, not actually to women but to all the men who think being a Dogged Nice Guy is okay.
    Doug: If someone says "get away from me", you should get away from them. It's not [flirty voice] "ooh come and get me". Read the signals.
    • Both of them insulting male stalkers as terrible because they're loud and instantly go to “I'm going to kill/rape you” when you piss them off, but female stalkers (as they'd just emphatically stated that Hyper's not a complete work of fiction and they've been there in reality) are actually talented at what they do.
  • Rob's rant in "Keystone Motel" about the people who get upset about kids seeing a stable, loving relationship that just happens to be between two women, yet are perfectly fine with the unrealistic Love at First Sight relationships kids usually see which can be much more damaging.
  • Rob's rant in “The Answer” about how so often, “we've come a long way in social progress” means “everything is fine now and we don't have to do anything else”.
  • Sticking it to the Fan Dumb who refuse to hear a single bad word about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, pointing out that it seems to be far smaller than the fanbase for Man of Steel and describing them as little more than a few delusional assholes ranting to themselves. Plus Rob pointing out the statistical impossibility of their rallying cry that none of the numerous critics who gave negative reviews had ever cracked open a comic book.
  • In Jermaine, Jason telling Doug that if someone like a parent or a sibling treats you badly your entire life, you shouldn't have to forgive them when they're dying. (Doug responds that it's not a case of should, but just really hard to break away.)
    • Both Doug and Jason complaining that any "good old days" has plenty of awful shit in it too, like even worse racism or abuse to women. Also, if you're tired at Rob's mocking of millenials, admitting that the previous generation has fucked millenials over and their (Doug/Jason's) generation hasn't helped.
  • In The Phantom of the Opera (2004) commentary, Beth asks him about his opera voice, and what's cool is not only that he just had basic training (couldn't afford more so it was going to stop) and his teacher kept inviting him back for recitals, but apparently any time he has a song, he'll do three takes of a line at a time because he thinks he's good at making it sound pretty, but is bad at hitting the notes. That's a lot of effort dedicated to hiding nerves.
  • In Hit The Diamond, mocking the people who complain "they're gems not lesbians why bring sexuality into it" by saying how pretty damn obvious it is that Ruby and Sapphire are meant to be two women in love.
  • In Too Many Games 2016, Doug and Lewis talking about "cosplay is not consent", and how there's a difference between awkward (who still desperately need to know boundaries) and toxic assholes, with Doug mentioning that just because you don't see it on the surface doesn't mean it's not happening. All the better because Doug has talked about being creeped on himself, to the point where Hyper's bad parts are based on those experiences.
  • In the Ghostbusters (2016) Sibling Rivalry, Rob keeps saying that it's insulting to women cos hands me down, but Doug eventually manages to defend it with women will like the fact that it's four women friends together and no tokens, and that's important.
    • More the movie's credit, but Doug loves the original to the point of thinking it's perfect, and the reboot did some things so good that it actually made him realize the flaws of the former.
    • And in the Awesome Comics review, he calls out the people who see pictures of little girls running around happy with proton packs, and still act like the film is worthless.
  • In his review of The Killing Joke, while he talks quickly about the prologue, he also discusses the sexism of it and how it was trying to stop the Stuffed in the Fridge-ness of the original but made it worse.
  • In the Indy Pop Con 2016 panel, refusing to tell a guy's girlfriend off (the guy requested that he did) for her liking the Schumacher Phantom movie.
  • Like the gay stereotypes rant being great in The Haunting review, they're good again in the real thoughts, discussing Theo in the 60s version being a predator (Rob's side, though he still loves her) or knowing how to push buttons but simply wanting care and attention (Doug's side).
  • In Fan World, talking about creepy fans, Doug talks about one incident at Alcon where he was in the stall (never goes to urinal at cons for obvious reasons), and guys were talking about him, leading up to "no he can't hear us", Doug saying "yes I can" and the two of them bolting.
    • In another story, Doug being very creeped out by a guy in a fursuit who had him against a wall in an elevator and then followed him to his room, but keeping the latter a secret from his wife because he didn't want her to be scared.
    • He met Karen Allen while Rob (who really fancies her) was at a theme park, and when Rob randomly texted insulting him and glad he wasn't there, Doug had the perfect response.
  • In the Real Thoughts on Devil, Doug talking about how sexist assholes can't call Rachel a fake geek because she probably knows way more Tolkien knowledge than they do.
  • In the Disneycember 2016 introduction, helped by the stirring music in the background, Doug says he's an optimist and will find a good Disney sequel.
    • He claims to have found two: 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure and Tarzan II, which is surprising considering he didn't like the originals that much.
    • He also gives a largely positive review to Cinderella III: A Twist in Time (it looks to be his favorite, or at least the one he enjoyed the most), and he even saves time in each of his other reviews to list at least one aspect that he likes about each film.
  • In Cinderella II, as we know the title character means a lot to him, so his seething over how Easily Forgiven Anastasia is by Cindy is pretty neat.
  • The Standing Rock reference in Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World, where he notes that the white men are bad to Indigenous people in the movie, but they're going to be far worse in the future.
  • In Split, calling out Shyamalan for using Rape as Backstory when he has no idea how to do that trope properly.
  • How angry Doug gets at "Belle's Magical World", as Belle is the most relatable princess to him and he loves the original so much, and this was just awful.
    • Months after this, the massively-hyped and anticipated live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast arrived. He and Rob's Sibling Rivalry review is 40+ minutes of rage from both of them, with Emma Watson's performance as Belle just one of their major sticking points.
      • When it comes to Lefou, Doug hitting it on both sides, both that he was looking for representation and got screwed and there are far gayer movies, and mocking Trump fans in Alabama who wanted the movie banned.
      Doug: Alabama, if you showed Robin Hood, Finding Dory and Great Mouse Detective, you already showed gay movies, hah!
  • In the Ghostbusters Sibling Rivalry, while they mock the other side (and do the strawman Tumblr thing) and only kinda liked the movie (Doug enjoyed it more than Rob), Doug attacks the sexist trolls who decided to hate it even at the premise more than a few times.
  • In Fifty Shades Darker, while Doug hasn't seen it and his knowledge of BDSM is missing some points, pointing out that an audience who actually likes this stuff on film would be horrified at actual play.
  • In Fan World, Doug talking about how he learned from mistakes in the anniversary specials (where shoots ran way too long) and started with Demo Reel that however long he thought a shoot would take, he'd tell the others it was doubled so if they agreed they could have the bonus of getting done early if it went okay.
    • Doug calling out the massively sexist reaction of the Awesome Comics video of Ghostbusters (2016) he did with Beth, Aiyanna and Heather to the more positive reaction to the more negative review he did with Rob. Also to the guy that exsplained his own mother's reaction to the movie.
    Doug: "To be fair" is always "let me indulge my prejudice".
  • The Bait-and-Switch in the Power Rangers movie vlog, as the whole time he's relaxed and nomming on Dunkin Donuts. If you haven't watched the movie you'd assume that was the pushed brand in the movie, but it's Krispy Kreme.
    Doug: When Product Placement like that happens, it makes me instantly want to go to the competitor.
  • In the Logan Sibling Rivalry, Doug and Rob mocking the low bar set for Trump (having just read a speech and getting hyped by the media for "acting presidential").
    Doug: It's like going to a teacher and saying "yeah you're being horrible and taking away my rights but you acted like a teacher this one time yay!"
  • Doug's wife should probably get props for driving through a tornado where a load of shit was blowing up according to Doug.
  • In Wonder Woman, Doug and Rob mocking men who try and shame the women who enjoy the character because "skimpy clothes make her unfeminist".
  • In the Valerian review, Doug getting sick of every alien woman in sci-fi looking the same with an hourglass figure.
  • At Fanime 2017, a clearly right-wing guy asked him about "comedy as agenda", agendas to him being like "abortion is great" or "there should be a fixed income", and Doug neither insults him or rises to the bait, talking instead about how he gets told off for saying anything "political" when it matters to him and that "agendas" have to come from honest places.
  • In a bitter sense, having the stones to mention in nearly every con (even after Critic had his tenth anniversary) that he misses Demo Reel.