Awesome / Double The Fist

For such a short, low budget series, there were many. I suppose since technically this is the shows premise, it's to be expected. Not limited to:
  • The cartoonish show about punching things and yelling manages to beat Kath and Kim at the AFI awards.
  • The series one final where Steve fights off a group of terrorists who have set a meteor to wipe out all weakness (and everyone else) from the planet, then stealing their rocket and using it to destroy said meteor.
  • Half of anything Mephisto does, but in particuler, fighting a Plesiosaur in Series Two.
  • The series is essentially four guys who wanted to make a TV show, and did. Not only that, but it was pretty damn good, and beat popular Aussie show Kath And Kim at the AFI awards, as mentioned above.
  • Small, but Steve destroying a low quality model of the ABC for cancelling his show is pretty cool considering the show went missing for a few years. He then proceeds to break one of their biggest rules and shows the ABC's first commercial.
  • In Series Two, after gaining metal fists, Steve punches a man through the head and pulls out his skull.
  • The aforemention Mephisto dead man snowboarding. He later proceeds to use said snowboarder as a weapon.
  • Can I just nominate the fact that in Beat the House; Steve returns from Space after floating around for Four Years, then holds onto a shuttle door nearby and drives it into the Earth's Atmosphere, then crashlands on a Sand Dune near Sydney. That's the first minute of the Series. This show is fueled by this trope.
    • I'd say that fact alone counts as a CMoA.
  • Anytime Steve is bested by someone else, such as Tara tricking him into accepting an Eviction Notice, or the monks laughing off his attacks in Ultimate Weapon.