Awesome / Dog Day Afternoon

  • "Attica!"
  • "Kiss me. When I'm being fucked I like to be kissed a lot".
  • Leon is finally able to get it together to dump Sonny after calling Sonny out on his bullshit:
    Sonny: Boy... I'm dying.
    Leon: What?? What are you talking about? "You are dying?" Did you ever listen to yourself when you say that?!.... Do you realize that you say that to me every day of your life?!
    Leon: I'm free to do what I want? And you think I would want to go with you some place on a plane?
    Sonny: You said to me that you needed money, and I knew you needed money!
    Leon: I didn't ask you to go rob a bank!
  • When Moretti tries to get Sonny to let Sylvia go after they send out the bank guard, Sylvia angrily refuses to leave the others.
  • Mulvaney does the same thing later on: he goes into diabetic shock late in the film; after he is treated with insulin, Sonny recommends he go to the hospital. Mulvaney refuses outright, then quietly gives Sonny a verbal smackdown:
    Mulvaney: I just needed the insulin.... I wish the fuck you never came in my bank. Don't try to act like you're some angel of human kindness!