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Awesome: Doctor Who Magazine
On television, in audio dramas, even in sequential art, Doctor Who has many moments of awesome to pick from.

  • "The Flood". The Eighth Doctor goes full-on angry god against an army of future Cybermen, annihilating them utterly. Then he gives up the chance to achieve communion with the Vortex, becoming one with everything, to save his companion's life.
  • "Wormwood". Specifically, The Reveal, where Eight reveals just how he's tricked the Ancient Conspiracy that's been screwing him over for the past couple of storyarcs.
  • "The Glorious Dead" is an MoA for the Master. He changes the course of history so his forces end up ruling the Earth for centuries - by taking advantage of the Doctor's earlier meddling, something he's quite happy to point out to the Doctor in the course of a massive put-down. And that's just a distraction from what he's really after.
  • Junior Cyberleader Kroton was once the single Cyberman capable of feeling emotions, who after a really strange day was forced to escape from the Cybermen and roam the universe. Then it was revealed he was able to pound a squad of Sontarans into submission. Then he joins with the Eighth Doctor. Then he saves both him and his companion in turn from a band of pirates. Then he happily blows off his race's obsession with logic upon seeing the TARDIS' interior, proving he's not a machine. Then he fights a superpowered immortal to a standstill. Then his mind is fully restored. Then he's granted the trophy the Master wanted in The Glorious Dead, ruins his plans, returns time to its proper course, ejects him from the TARDIS and leaves the Universe to godhood.
  • "Uninvited Guest": the Seventh Doctor, in full Oncoming Storm mode, takes down a group of Eternals who manipulated a world into destroying itself. The method by which he defeats them is the true source of the awesome. He basically pulls a reversal of the punishment he'd later inflict on the Family of Blood and makes the Eternals mortal. He gave each of them the gift of a single, mortal life so that they'd understand the value of what they so callously destroyed.
  • One for Majenta Pryce in "The Crimson Hand".
    Majenta:The face isn't listening. Talk to the hand. (Cue four huge, villain-defeating laser beams from the hand-shaped God Machine.)
  • Rory tops himself, and quite possibly takes the all-time Companion Crowning Moment, in "Chains of Olympus" where he lets out a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner in the form of "Hi, honey! Is this bloke bothering you?", announces himself as Roranicus the First of the Upper Leadworth Empire, and whips out a Your Mom joke... all before taking on Ares, the Greek god of war in SINGLE COMBAT, and wiping the floor with him. Eat your heart out, Kratos.
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