Awesome: Divergent

The Books:

  • Let's let Insurgent say it
    "Just to clarify," says Niles. "Are you telling me that you were almost murdered by the Erudite... and then fought your way into the Dauntless compound... and destroyed the simulation?"
    "Yes," I say.
    "I think I speak for everyone," he says, "when I say that you have earned the title of Dauntless."
  • At the end of Insurgent, Evelyn's coup. So simple, so quiet, so perfectly executed. After the battle is over, make sure you have all the guns and outnumber the real warriors.
  • Tris beating the tar out of Molly.
  • Tris overcoming the last Jeanine's simulation improvements (including triggering a Villainous Breakdown.)
    Tris: Pain can't make me tell you. Truth serum can't make me tell you. Simulations can't make me tell you. I'm immune to all three. You have failed. You can't control me! You will never be able to control me."
  • Tobias beating his father, like he used to beat him. Even though it showcases how disturbed and angry Tobias is, you can't help but feel a little happy about Marcus getting what he deserves.
  • Tris walking to her execution and being honored by the opposing Dauntless soldiers.
  • Tris is the Goddess of resisting serums and successfully resists the Death Serum, something that David doesn't believe possible. She then follows it up with an equally awesome "The Reason You Suck" Speech on sacrifice before demonstrating exactly what sacrifice really means

The Movie