Awesome / Divergent

The Books:

  • Let's let Insurgent say it
    "Just to clarify," says Niles. "Are you telling me that you were almost murdered by the Erudite... and then fought your way into the Dauntless compound... and destroyed the simulation?"
    "Yes," I say.
    "I think I speak for everyone," he says, "when I say that you have earned the title of Dauntless."
  • At the end of Insurgent, Evelyn's coup. So simple, so quiet, so perfectly executed. After the battle is over, make sure you have all the guns and outnumber the real warriors.
  • Tris beating the tar out of Molly.
  • Tris overcoming the last Jeanine's simulation improvements (including triggering a Villainous Breakdown.)
    Tris: Pain can't make me tell you. Truth serum can't make me tell you. Simulations can't make me tell you. I'm immune to all three. You have failed. You can't control me! You will never be able to control me."
  • Tobias beating his father, like he used to beat him. Even though it showcases how disturbed and angry Tobias is, you can't help but feel a little happy about Marcus getting what he deserves.
  • As implied in Allegiant and outright confirmed in The Transfer, Tobias never actually qualifies for Dauntless, and his Aptitude Test showed that he is an Abnegation through-and-through. Yet he consciously transferred to Dauntless, just so he could escape his abusive father as well as getting the freedom that Abnegation never offered, and had to train vigorously to such an extent that little to no trace of his Abnegation exists anymore. Ironically, said abusive father, Marcus, who was raised and chose to be in Abnegation (so he can control the city, y'see), is a Divergent, meaning that he can choose any of the five factions however he want and adapt easily.
  • Tris walking to her execution and being honored by the opposing Dauntless soldiers.
  • Eric bites more than he could chew when he taunts Tobias into becoming his executor, thinking that the latter can't bring himself to. Nope, Tobias does the job in calm.
  • Thanks to betraying Dauntless, assisting Jeanine, and wanting to execute all Divergents, Max is shot and immediately killed by Lynn, with no warning or fighting at all. Max is a senior member of Dauntless with over 20 years of training, while Lynn has been officially on Dauntless for a few months or so, although she was born in the faction.
  • Peter faking the death serum used for Tris' execution, so he can deliver her to Tobias where they can escape safely. He knows very well that he can be captured and executed on the spot, and yet he does that like it's nobody's business.
  • Marcus bringing down Caleb by a single thrust so he can't block him, Tris, and Christina from searching for the information hidden by Jeanine. Say what you will about him, but doing that while being in a faction known for their submissiveness and no training of self-defense, on top of being old enough to be a grandfather, is quite a feat.
  • Tris has to fight her way through the simulations induced by the gaseous serum before she is able to access Jeanine's laboratory, and she expects that there will be more challenges there. Yet she arrives there to find Tori cornering Jeanine with no effort at all. Since then, Tris has yet to figure out how the hell Tori managed to bypass the security system and reach the Big Bad, when everyone else is struggling, and the series never reveals hownote .
  • In Allegiant, it's revealed that Natalie singlehandedly spearheaded the bailing out of the Divergents hunted by Erudite, including George and Amar, so they can seek refuge in the Bureau. Truly an Offscreen Moment of Awesome. Making Tris even more proud of her mother is only describing her reaction mildly.
    • Before that, Natalie's achievements pre-rescue by the Bureau also deserve a mention. She had to survive in the harsh life of the fringes as a helpless 16-years-old without anyone for company, which means that her risk of being attacked with no warning by others are high. Then when she saw a boy being bullied by an older man, she picked a beam and attacked the man with it. He dropped dead immediately, making him her first kill.
  • Johanna delivering a (polite) "The Reason You Suck" Speech on her fellow Amity members, before quitting the faction so she can assist those still at war in the city. She's abandoning her home in a dignified way, and no one complains; in fact, some of them actually joins up with her.
    Tris: That's not something I expected at all.
    • She goes overboard on this in Allegiant by taking up arms and leading the Allegiant, composed of all former faction members including Erudite, Dauntless, Abnegation, Amity, and Candor all in one, against the factionless. Freaking Johanna Reyes. No wonder everyone is surprised.
  • Tris is the Goddess of resisting serums and successfully resists the Death Serum, something that David doesn't believe possible. She then follows it up with an equally awesome "The Reason You Suck" Speech on sacrifice before demonstrating exactly what sacrifice really means

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