Awesome / Disney's Anne Frank

  • Anne's speech while liberating Auschwitz.
  • Private Ludvig: "And zhis is for mein mutter!" Before punching Sgt. Olga off the watchtower.
  • A young Will Smith's voice cameo as Jackie Robinson, although this is somewhat mitigated by research failure.
  • Miep constantly standing up against his tormenting captors as they beat him down, saying over and over again "I will be free again". Serious balls.
  • "I SAID GET OUT OF MY WAY, YOU NAZI FREAK!" (cue epic punch to the jaw)
    • That's nothing. Earlier, when a giant Nazi mook tries to kill Anne Frank, a kindly old rabbi punches the Nazi so hard, he flies all the way to a prison in FRANCE!
  • When Anne's cornered by zombies in the climax, the pair of guard dogs she befriended earlier rush in and start fighting the zombies off, giving Anne time to escape!