Awesome / Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness
aka: Disgaea Dimension 2

  • Laharl and Flonne calling out Archangel Virunga for wanting to take Sicily back, which doubles as a Heartwarming Moment. Virunga thinks it's only right that Sicily return to Celestia as she is still an angel even if she is a Demon Angel and extend his hand to her to return. Laharl slaps away the hand and he and Flonne call him out for only thinking of Sicily's race, telling him that he should have realized that Sicily's loneliness in Celestia was the reason why she came to the Netherworld in the first place. And just to drive it in further, Laharl calls out Virunga for claiming his actions in the name of love and that, in the end, a Fallen Angel like Flonne is far superior to him.
  • Laharl's new ultimate final move, Overlord Dimension, where essentially, Laharl teleports the enemy to a pocket dimension where he proceeds to use all of his unique attacks at once. Long story short, Laharl engraves his name into the opponent's body. Words cannot sufficiently describe the beatdown he unleashes. See it here in all its glory.
  • The game's creators get one for creating a final boss for the story mode that will actually be challenging no matter how high the levels for your party are: the final boss has an evility that lets him siphon off the stats of the characters that approach him, so even if your party is 9999, he'll gain tremendous boosts as your characters approach. If you try to dogpile him with superior numbers, he'll siphon off 30% of the stats of each character. 30% times ten is 300%, meaning he could, if your party is level 9999 all around, gain power equivalent to three 9999 level characters COMBINED. And if you only had one really strong character, and tried to use that one to take him down, if he kills that one strong character, the rest of your party is hosed. Overwhelming force is impossible, you have to use strategy to defeat this opponent.
  • Any time Laharl calls out the Krichevskoy Group's failings, pointing out to them over and over that they keep saying Krichevskoy would have done things better when they clearly can't do damn a thing themselves.
    • One particular moment is when the Krichevskoy Group tries to suggest that they use Sicily as a hostage to put the angels at a disadvantage, but Laharl brushes it off, calling the act "low class". Considering the kind of person Krichevskoy was, the scene makes it very clear that despite not liking his father all that much, Laharl is much closer to Krichevskoy than the demons who praise him.
  • Flonne's transformation in Episode 9. See it here.

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