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Awesome: Discotek Media
  • Just the fact that this tiny little company goes way out of their way to license old shows only diehard anime fans, old and new, care about, and take great pains to please their fans, is pretty awesome in its own right.
  • Their release of Lupin the 3rd: The Mystery of Mamo contains not one, but four english dubs, one of which (the 1979 Toho dub) had to be compiled together from fragments of varying quality and cleaned up, and another one (the 1996 Manga dub) was so rare that there were doubts that they could acquire decent materials for it. Might not seem like much to those who prefer subtitles, but to those who watch english dubs, this is definitely quite a feat.
  • Discotek released a statement saying that in regards to their Blue Submarine No. 6 release, they used the Blue Fleet version, not realizing it included the edited Toonami dub. They never knew it was there before, but now they know, and they're going to re-release it soon. The fact that they're so professional about it makes their diehard fans happy. Unfortunately, as seen on the forum for that article, some detractors made some nasty comments like how their releases look worse than bootlegs and claiming they're not REALLY going to fix it. Thankfully, more appreciative people called them out on their immature behavior, which you don't often see in regards to licensing companies.
  • They nabbed The Castle of Cagliostro. Both the Manga UK and Streamline Pictures dubs will be added. That's all you need to know.
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