Awesome / Dirty Dancing

  • The final dance with Johnny and Baby finally able to do the lift and Jake, Baby's father (played by Jerry Orbach), admitting he was wrong to accuse Johnny for knocking up Penny, Johnny's dance partner: "When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong."
    • Six words: "Nobody puts Baby in the corner."
    • Johnny beating the tar out of Robbie, who had not only knocked up Penny while 'dating' Baby's sister Lisa, but also insulted Baby, implying she was out 'slumming'.
    • He even lets Robbie take a free shot at him and no-sells a crack to the face.
  • Even better: when Baby dumps the water down Robbie's pants and says "Stay away from me, stay away from my sister, or I'll have you fired."
    • There's a little smile she gives him just before dumping the water that adds to the awesomeness.
  • Baby admitting in front of everybody that she was Johnny's alibi for the stolen wallet in order to save him from being fired, despite knowing it would ruin her reputation and break her father's heart.
  • Dr. Houseman snatching back the recommendation for Robbie after the boy brags that he knocked up Penny and didn't bother to take any responsibility. It was so nice to see Robbie lose his chance at a higher status after being a dipshit through the whole movie.
    • In the remake, not only does Dr. Houseman take back his envelope, he also orders Robbie to apologize to Penny and pay her back, or else he'll call every hospital on the Eastern seaboard and have Robbie blacklisted.