Awesome: Dilbert

  • The PHB's epic moment of revenge for his secretary's plotting: here.
  • Catbert.
  • Future Wally: here.
    • Present Wally: here
    • Once, a sadist tried to insult Wally by telling him he was worthless and overpaid. His reply was "Thank you".
  • Alice also gets a few
  • And of course, Dilbert
  • In the animated Series: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as a court judge!
  • In one strip, Dilbert unwisely volunteers to host a meeting at his house. His coworkers spend the entire time criticizing and trashing the place, then as they drive off, Dogbert walks in:
    Dogbert: "I wondered if I was ever going to get to use my 'cops are wusses' bumper stickers."