Awesome / DieBuster

  • The series is even more over the top than the original was.
  • "Terran Imperial Space Fleet, Solar System Direct Assistance Battalion Attache, Sixth Generation Interstellar Cruising Decisive Weapon, Buster Machine No. 7!"
  • After several episodes of not being able to do much due to circumstances, Lal'C makes the most awesome comeback ever - by THROWING A FUCKING PLANET AT HER OPPONENT. Even the formerly stoic, cold and hostile android who talked down to her for the entirety of an episode is gobsmacked with a priceless "WTF?!" expression.
    • Even more awesome is the fact that said opponent wasn't even scratched. Let us reiterate: the freak was force-fed to a black hole, which it proceeded to eat from the inside out and absorb into itself. Yes, it ate a black hole. Then it climbed back out of the black hole and got smacked in the face by a planet. Then it got whaled upon by a planet-sized mecha and not only shrugged off those attacks too but threw them right back! Jesus H. Christ.
    • The nosy Genki Girl who split a bowl in the first episode? In the end, she and her friend proceed to break the laws of physics. Not dodge around them them, not bend them, break them. What they pull off is literally impossible, with consequences not even the greatest scientific minds can predict. In the end, science and wisdom fall before hard work and guts - just like how their predecessors did it, just like how their spiritual successors go on to do it.
  • The ending. Welcome Bacʞ.