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Awesome: Dick Tracy

Dick Tracy (the comic strip)

  • At the climax of the story of Dick Tracy facing his greatest enemy, Flattop Jones. Dick is surrounded by the hitman and his goons, about to be murdered. At a count of Flattop's three, Tracy makes an all or nothing lunge at the killer and begins a blazing fight scene that takes all of that week of comic strips where he outfights the goons, including grabbing their Tommy Gun and mowing them down even while his partner, Pat Patton, leads a police storming of the hideout.
  • In 2014, Dick Tracy will be solving a very interesting cliffhanger: the disappearance of Little Orphan Annie

Dick Tracy (the movie)

  • Tracy rejects Big Boy's attempted bribe, hurling the bills back into the gangster's face.
    Dick Tracy: And that you are guilty of attempting to bribe an officer of the law!
    [Tracy throws the bills back in Big Boy's face; The Kid, watching from the window, makes a "yes!" motion with his hand.]
  • Tracy knocks down a dozen men with a single punch.
  • Tracy coolly executes Flattop as a massive explosion erupts behind him.
  • Tracy up and owning the hobo that The Kid was living with for abusing him, all the way sporting great one-liners.
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