Awesome / Diary of the Dead

  • Diary Of The Dead has a Crowning Character Of Awesome in badass deaf Amish farmer Samuel. The main characters meet him when their RV breaks down. As they're asking if they can use his barn to fix the vehicle, Samuel notices zombies walking toward them. He runs to the barn and grabs what looks like a smoking metal pipe, and throws it at the zombies. It explodes and sends zombie bits everywhere. As the dust clears we get a shot of the stern-looking farmer holding his chalkboard up. It says "I'm Samuel Hello". His death is even more epic. Just as he's about to climb into the RV with the main characters and escape with them, a zombie starts chewing on his neck. Without hesitation, Samuel shoves his scythe through both his own head and the head of the zombie that's biting him. That was so badass!
  • The female paramedic karate-kicking a zombie in the head.