Awesome / Diary of a Mad Black Woman

  • When she overhears Charles smack Helen, Madea storms in gun in hand.
    Madea: Oh, do it. Please hit her, please hit her. I wanna see you do it!
  • When Helen leaves Charles' mansion, she calmly confronts him and tells her that he will reap what he sows, while throwing his money back at him. He ends up doing just that in the climax of the movie.
  • Helen decides to pay Charles back for everything he put her through, including but certainly not limited to smacking him around a bit and throwing him headfirst into the bathtub.
    Helen (after slapping Charles upside the head): Let me explain something to you: ''Old'' Helen is gone, and you will not talk to me like that. Now I came here to help you, but now, I'm gonna get even.
    Charles: Helen I think you need t—
    Helen: SHUT UP!!!