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Awesome: Diamond In The Rough
Not pictured: the cheering Ustream audience.

Added based on the reactions of test viewers. Awesome Moments from released episodes will be out in the open. Awesome Moments from the movie will be in a separate folder.

In-Series Moments of Awesome:

  • Marisa's introduction. Marisa is working on her Mini Hakkero reactor in a cluttered house while grilling meat and rocking out to her theme song, just before blowing up a Reimu doll, only to be disappointed that it didn't make a big enough explosion. In just twenty seconds, you know everything you need to know about Marisa.
  • Alice's introduction and the ensuing battle between her dolls and Komachi's fairies.
  • Miko vs. EX-Rumia would have been this if Brolli wasn't the character we were forced to watch.
    • What little we do see of the EX-Rumia incident is quite the spectacle: Byakuren evacuating civilians, Nue and Mamizou teaming up to trick fairies into giving away Rumia's location, and Sanae's Establishing Character Moment when she saves Marisa and asks about how cool she looked spouting a one-liner.
  • After Brolli refuses to use his beasts to save the human village from EX-Rumia and Sakuya tells him she can't go because Remilia has banned her from resolving incidents for the time being, Sakuya freezes time to replace Brolli's beret with a pie and tells him off for his cowardice. Also overlaps as a Funny Moment.
  • In episode 11. Marisa punches Brolli, when he badmouthed Reimu and claimed Marisa hated her, stating that even if she is her rival, Reimu is also her best friend. And that even with her selfish tendencies, Marisa would give her life to protect the balance of Gensokyo. Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • In episode 12, Tenshi pretty much proves that she is The Chessmaster by revealing that that she knew all along that Brolli and the new gappy, and played dumb, so that he would lower her guard and that she would be able to learn his secrets, and manipulate him into involving all of Gensokyo in an incident as well as her plans to make the entirety of Gensokyo feel the consequences of a Gappy's death to prevent them from helping future Gappies.
  • The Diamondback Beasts vs. Flandre. It's every bit as destructive as you could imagine, but more importantly, it shows off Canon Flandre, fighting to save the Scarlet Devil Mansion from the Diamondback Beasts, even fighting fairly by Spell Card Rules. In a meta Moment Of Heartwarming, the entire Ustream crowd was cheering on Flandre during the fight's production.
  • Reimu and Marisa deciding to quit aiding Brolli, get him out of Gensokyo, and stop the incident themselves. Marisa takes down Chen and Ran by herself while Reimu gets a big She's Back moment fighting two celestials at the same time. For a moment, the story feels 100% vanilla, only for Brolli to come right back into Gensokyo.
  • After Brolli spends the movie doing everything he can to help himself at the expense of everyone else, Reimu slaps him in the face and delivers a speech about his Marty Stu antics with subtext about how audiences react to Marty Stu characters. This comes back to bite Reimu when she's one of the few left to mourn Brolli.
    Reimu: THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU AND YOUR NEEDS, BROLLI!!! This world has existed for thousands of years without you, and it will exist a thousand more after you are gone. You are not a hero. You're not even a likable human being! You're just a bratty foreigner taking a vacation in a realm you don't belong in! Soon, you will realize just how much everyone hates you, and you will die the same humiliating death of all of the previous and future outsiders, and because Gensokyo will always return to the status quo, your death will mean *NOTHING*.
    • Another thing worth mentioning: Reimu, who has been reduced to a tour guide for Gappy Stus, is not just going to partake in another incident, but with Genji and her old PC-98 outfit since her ability to fly has been cut off by the mist, and her old outfit is more suited for an incident of this size.
  • Doubling as a Heartwarming Moment, when everyone wants to kill Brolli when it turns out that is what will resolve the incident, Reimu of all people is the one to tell everyone to stop, thus proving that even though Reimu can be a bitch and she may hate Gappies, she is still the protector of Gensokyo and its people.


Meta Moments of Awesome:

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