Awesome / Diablo II

  • Completing several quests will trigger some pretty awesome scripted events. Notable examples are the Den of Evil (the red light goes out and the sun shines in through the cracks), Sisters' Burial Ground (Blood Raven's soul getting released and the ensuing electrical discharges wiping out her entire army), Radament's Lair (the Fist of the Heavens destroying Radament's servants when he dies), The Tainted Sun (the sunlight released from the altar), The Hellforge (Mephisto's dying screams and the souls released from the stone), and Betrayal on Harrogath (Nihlathak being Dragged Off to Hell).
  • The battle against the Summoner, especially when playing with the Sorceress. Epic magical duel in space. If you did not accidentally pop him in one hit.
    • As a matter of fact, any character fighting their enemy counterpart (Sorceress vs. Summoner, Amazon vs. Blood Raven/the Countess, Necromancer vs. Nihlatak, Barbarian vs. the Ancients) can qualify as awesome.
      • Druids against the Ancients doubly so as they're basically outcast barbarians.
  • The beginning of Act V, especially for the Barbarian. You're not alone in this one since you fight alongside an entire army of your compatriots against Overseer Shenk and his minions.
  • Act V in general. You start off generally distrusted and an interloper in the midst of the war. As you progress, you eventually become their greatest champion.
  • The duel against the Ancients. You face off against the trio, and you cannot leave the arena without resetting them.
  • Mephisto's epic speech when the Prime Evils are reunited and the portal to Hell is opened:
    "My Brothers, at long last, we stand reunited. The infernal gate has been prepared and the time of our final victory is at hand. Let the way to Hell be opened!"
    [Hellgate opens]
    "And the Evil that was once vanquished shall rise anew. Wrapped in the guise of man shall he walk amongst the innocent, and terror shall consume they that dwell upon the earth. The skies shall rain fire, and the seas will become as blood. The righteous shall fall before the wicked, and all creation shall tremble before the burning standards of Hell!"
  • Really, the entire progression of your character throughout the story. You go from a plucky wannabe to a such a badass that you launch a one man invasion of Hell so that you can kill the devil.
    • Not to mention that you have killed all Prime Evils and two Lesser Evils. And you are a mere mortal (though very powerful).
  • Though it takes a Retcon, this is worth something. Beforehand, it is claimed that everyone here who fought against Diablo and the Prime Evils has gone into madness, except the Barbarian. After Retcon, although they're not heard again, it's saying something that they kept their sanity intact (the Sorceress mentoring the next game's Wizard, and the Necromancer mentoring an NPC Necromancer are proofs of this) in spite of facing those demonic beings, when the previous heroes ended up crazy and corrupted. Sure, the sequel takes things even further, but this one's a good proof that the heroes did not end up like their predecessors.
  • While it may be Narm to some, Cain's exposition as you collect Khalim's body parts in Act III piece together a rather awesome story. Here is the High Priest who remained incorruptible even when his entire religion was corrupted by Mephisto's influence. Eventually he was dismembered and his remains scattered, but he didn't let death itself stop him. He knows the true path to Mephisto, he knows Mephisto's weaknesses, he is willing to face Mephisto again, and he will help you take one of the Prime Evils down from beyond the grave.