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Awesome: Destroy All Monsters
  • Anything Angurius does in the final battle. He's the first kaiju ever to make King Ghidorah bleed. And this is pre-Badass Decay Ghidorah, the one that takes every monster in the world to bring down!
  • Gorosaurus and his awesome performance during the battle. He was the only monster who managed to bring King Ghidorah onto his belly, and he did it twice: the first time by pulling on Ghidorah's left head (after charging through a salvo of gravity beams), the second time by kangaroo-kicking Ghidorah in the back while Godzilla and Anguirus are dealing with the outer heads.
  • The Final Battle itself. Every single great Toho kaiju, on screen and battling it out with King Ghidorah, all at once!
  • Usually it's just one or two kaiju attacking Tokyo, this time it is Godzilla, Mothra larvae, Rodan and Manda getting a spotlight.
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