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Awesome: Derpibooru Community
  • Remember the Pinkie clones from ''Too Many Pinkie Pies''? Okay good. Now imagine if they could infect others with a plague that turns others into mindless fun-loving clones. Feeling scared, yet? You’ve just entered The Pinkie Apocalypse. In this adventure, the Pinkies have nearly taken over Equestria, turning it into a fearful fun-loving wasteland. Equestria’s hope lies in the hooves of 6 stallions that must find the source of the plague and destroy it.What makes this adventure interesting is that it became an entertaining story without the Princesses and it spanned over 800 comments, making it one of the largest adventure/derpibooru threads on the site.
  • Pinkie Clone, GodheadInspector, Indigo, Carrot Top, ChiefOfRocketry, and ApplejackFrost beating the crap out of Discord.
  • Whenever the Elements of Harmony are used.
  • Applejack destroying the moon.
  • Indigo shatters a Scorpio.
  • Pinkie Clone restoring Earth with The Power of Rock.
  • The entire community gets one for turning a run-of-the-mill drama thread into the greatest gif party in the history of the site, in new year's eve.
    • Which proceeded to get so big it knocked the site offline for a few minutes and had to be locked down.
  • ROTHY keeping a running count of the number of Dutch Angles in Battlefield Earth, and ending up with a count of 2283.
  • Krieg reading Cambio the riot act, successfully calling him out for all his shit.
  • Soulfrost's death. Sweet Celestia, Soulfrost's death.
    Salamenace: You're going to pay for that.
    Soulfrost: Just hoof me the bill, mortal.
    Salamenace blasts a hole in his chest with Banishing Ray, mortally wounding him.
    Salamenace: Here's your receipt.
  • Celestia thwarting the shadows' invasion of Equestria.
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