Awesome / Demon Of Wind

  • Rai serenading Kimiko in the BLAM chapter to the tune of Jackie Wilson's Your Love Keeps Lifting Me (Higher and Higher). With Rai-clones as backup singers. Yes it is amazing.
    Rai: This song goes out to a very special someone. Hopefully you know who you are. HIT IT!
  • When Rai becomes human, his Clone Rai and Younger Rai start to disappear. And Clone Rai's possible Dying Moment of Awesome is probably the best way to go: Singing Frank Sinatra's 'My Way', complete with microphone, spolights and a tuxedo.
    Rai:So that's it? No final closing number? Just an imaginary hand shake and a walk away. Aren't you at least going make some effort?
    Clone Rai: Are you sure? Wouldn't it be better to play it low key and not ruin the moment?
    Rai: Since when has low key been our style?
    [cue singing]