Awesome / Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z

  • Blossom gets one in a battle with Him: Most of the villains the girls fight are harmless, funny, and at worst annoying, but not this guy — he steals the girls' weapons and uses them against them until they're beaten and bruised and two of them are unconscious. The exhausted leader makes a Diving Save just in time and then somehow musters the Heroic Resolve to get their weapons back using her Ribbon Boomerang (a move she obviously borrowed from Sailor Moon). Then her teammates power up her Killer Yoyo so the Fiery Redhead can deliver the Finishing Move. As they said in the original: "That was awesome, Blossom!"
    • Actually, more a combination of both Sailor Moon and the original as the original Blossom used her ribbon as a weapon once as well, although it was more of a bomb than a boomerang. Anyway, this scene comes off much more awesome when you realize that Momoko/Blossom, despite being the leader and advertised as the main character, usually comes up short compared to her teammates. She's nowhere near as popular as Miyako and Kaoru both in real life and as a Powerpuff (so much so that the other two have action figures of themselves made and she doesn't) and acts as the Butt-Monkey of the team in many episodes. Many fans, in fact, originally doubted her ability as a leader. Any doubts about that were quickly erased the minute Blossom tossed her ribbon.
  • In Episode 51, Him messes with Dynamo Z's time traveling mechanism, which sends the girls to, of all places, Townsville, where we see the ''original Powerpuff Girls'' fighting the monster from Uh Oh...Dynamo! It was brief, the PPGs and the PPGZs didn't interact with each other, and the fans knew that the series was planning a lot of references to the original Powerpuff Girls thanks to the opening, but the minute the original girls appeared, fans shat their pants!
  • In Episode 37, Ken keeping the Gangreen Gang from getting Chemical Z by tricking them into drinking volcano sauce with a Chemical Z label.