Awesome / Degrassi

  • Marco punches out Linus after being berated with homosexual slurs.
  • Paige lost the trial against her rapist. He smugly walks away free. She then destroys his car.
    • And when he threatens to turn her in, Paige says "Sorry but I'm gonna turn my self in. That's what good people do when they realize they've done something wrong"
  • Liberty, after breaking up a fight between Danny and Lucas, finds out why Danny confronted him: He was making fun of JT's death. She immediately takes over the fight, shoving Lucas into a fence before Spinner intervenes.
  • Emma gets into a fight with Alex, and manages to make her bleed in episode 3x20.
  • Toby rejecting Holly J (who was in full-on Alpha Bitch mode at the time).
  • Paige reveals to JT that she was raped. He immediately storms into the gym in the middle of a game going on to attack the guy, while JT's still wearing his goofy mascot costume. Boycott the Caf informs us that clearly the JT stands for Justice Time.
  • In the second part of Chasing Pavements, Anya telling off Owen is particularly cathartic, especially after all of the abuse he put Zane, Riley, and Adam through. And Alli also gets one when she manages to save Principal Simpson's job and earn the students a dance simultaneously.
  • Snake, in the series premiere, telling Emma's Internet stalker that if he moves, he will break his neck after the latter lured Emma to a hotel room and tried to hurt her.
  • Paige scaring away rapists using the power of rock during season 2's battle of the bands.
  • Jenna faking going into labor to trick Sav into getting a limo ride with Holly J.
  • Caitlin threatening her fellow newscaster who is trying to interview a horrified Craig after Jimmy's been shot by Rick:
    "Here's your story for you. Local insensitive reporter pummeled by famous colleague."
  • Paige, whether or not she was aware of it, potentially saved lives by consoling Rick. Even if he shot Jimmy, he was convinced not to pull a gun on her or her friends. Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Spinner saving Toby from Johnny's gang of bullies in "Death or Glory"; specifically, when Johnny tries to sucker punch him, and Spinner catches his fist in his hand.
  • Seven words: "This is New York Holly J., bitch!
  • Emma pouring Purple Dragon all over Bruce The Moose when he starts creeping on her.
  • Spinner tries to make amends with Marco after the former's ex-friend drops a slur against him. Jimmy begins to prevent Spinner from speaking to him, and Spin finally snaps, "Shut up, Jimmy." This troper thinks that Jimmy kinda had that coming for attempting to interfere with Marco and Spinner's friendship.
  • Tinsley, of all people, has one for standing up to Bobby and telling the truth of what kind of a guy he really is. Without her, Bobby and his vicious bitch of a lawyer would probably have won the lawsuit, and Fiona would have been further vindicated as the crazy person she was not.
    • Also, Fiona herself is one walking moment of awesome in Chasing Pavements for being strong enough to stand trial and deal with her alcoholism simultaneously.
  • Jenna belting KC across the face with her guitar had some viewers cheering.
  • Drew putting his MMA skills to good use and kicking Vince's ass.
    • Later, he also insists that he follow Bianca, who is planning to kill Vince both for Adam and for herself. Katie, without hesitation, goes with him, no matter what the danger.
  • Ashley slapping Craig across the face - onstage, in front of the entire school - after she finds out about his affair with Manny.
  • Fiona telling Katie and Marisol to shove it after they take her idea for Student Council.
    Katie: I know we got off on the wrong foot, but Marisol still needs some help. Maybe you could take the reins.
    Fiona: Oh, I think not. No, I'll wait for it to fail, revealing you as the incompetent, lazy loser you are.
    Katie: You have no idea how hard I work.
    Fiona: Oh, I do. I've been keeping notes. Breaks into school, denies blame, passes responsibility onto idiot VP, causing events to fail. Sounds like a good case for impeachment, no? Ta-ta for now.
  • Clare, of all people, becomes an Action Girl, and teams up with Katie to take down a hockey player during a brawl at Fiona's condo.
    • Jake throwing a hockey player over a table
  • I don't get how these tropers forgot about Spinner in "Death or Glory". Not only does he actually DO something about the Lakehurst thugs, he repeatedly punches Johnny's face. Not to mention his epic scene. You know the one.
  • Alli first trying to comfort Cam when he breaks down crying in "Bitter Sweet Symphony" is just a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming... And then she finds out that Dallas, who has a massive crush on her, is one of the reasons he's crying. Cue her verbally eviscerating him about how he's a bully and how he blew it with her.
  • Becky's utter refusal to forgive her brother in "There's Your Trouble" is pretty awesome in its own right, but her subsequent verbal evisceration of him must be seen to be believed. Took a Level in Badass, indeed.
  • Firestarter, Pt. 2 has one for the Hollingsworth siblings. Miles, Frankie, and Hunter are able to finally stand together against their father and call him out on his abusive and selfish tendencies. Miles has been on the receiving end of both verbal and physical abuse for awhile now, Frankie was going to be used as a scapegoat for the Degrassi Nudes scandal to save the election, and Hunter finally saw firsthand how cruel their father could be when he was nearly injured in a fit of rage. This act definitely doubles as Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.