Awesome / Deepgate Codex

The Deepgate Codex is awesome.

  • Carnival.
    • She's introduced as a One-Man Army, but her beautiful She's Back in God of Clocks clinches the deal—she's been given up for dead by all the main cast, and yet she breaks out of Cospinol's pot, has Maybe John shatter most of her bones so that she can fix them, takes out Cospinol in one strike (AND EATS HIM), beats the crap out of John Anchor, beats the crap out of a goddamn river, and then continues to reject Menoa's illusions until she breaks out of them completelyjust in time to save John Anchor and Alice and end the war with Menoa bloodlessly because the Failed and Menoa's soldiers are too damn terrified of her to fight her. Yes, please.
    • Her triumph over her abusive father, Ulcis, the whole reason she was so crazy for so long.
      • Similarly, the way she Iorek-Byrnisons Cospinol. Right after she had to break most of the bones in her body. She's Back, all right.
      • She eats them. And the second time, it cures her monthly need for blood. How is that not awesome?
    • The Manhunt chapter. She took down a whole goddamn airship! With a gardening fork!
  • Rachel's very first Focus. It's the one skill that's evaded her for years, and yet she manages to master it just in time to bring Dill Back from the Dead.
  • Carnival, Rachel, and Dill's fight to get back to the surface as Deepgate falls.
  • Watching Dill slowly become a badass while in Hell. The way he takes care of a troublesome door, not to mention his Pre-Mortem One-Liner, jut reeks of awesome.
  • The way that John Anchor handles Devon in God of Clocks. The Smug Snake has managed to reduce Alice to a sobbing wreck and is trying to Blackmail them into assassinating Carnival, Rachel, and Dill. Anchor does not take kindly to this—and takes the box Devon is in and turns it upside down. Simple as that. It had the bonus of being absolutely hilarious, too.
  • Dill managing to kill about as many people as Hasp and definitely more than Rachel as a ghost by hopping from person to person. As Mina put it: "Ye gods, look at Dill." Considering how he started out, this is definitely a shining moment for him.
  • Ayen.
  • Sal Greene at the end of Lye Street, deciding to renege on his Deal with the Devil: "Time to die, dog fucker."