Y'know, pretty much any- and everything I do is a [=CMoA=]. We had to move examples from ''Awesome/CableAndDeadpool'' to their own page to make room.
* For example, in Deadpool #900, I deliver a BreakThemByTalking to a psychiatrist who used his position to abuse his patients... one of them being a 16 year old girl. I then cut his head off. No biggie. The awesome part? During the whole time I was in the room with the guy, my thought bubbles didn't talk to me, meaning the incident with the girl really hit home. [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge I was]] [[TranquilFury utterly focused]] [[PapaWolf on killing the guy.]]
* And then I had this exchange between me and the "[[TheAntiChrist Savior]]."
-->'''Messiah''': But... I bring serenity... Absolute contentment...\\
'''Me''': Yeah, I know.\\
'''Messiah''': Then why?\\
'''Myself''': Because... I want to do the right thing.\\
'''Messiah''': How can you be sure this is the right thing?\\
'''I''': I'm not.
* And I once [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/117437063498_6794.jpg kicked Captain America]] [[GroinAttack right in the cojones]] to save the world. To be fair to Cap, he was possessed at that time by the same entity that possessed me some pages earlier. But then again, Rochambeau for the win.
** Something I just remembered; it was apparently [[Comicbook/DoctorStrange Shuma]][[EldritchAbomination -Gorath]]! Am I [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu awesome]] or what?!
* '''[[MoreDakka BULLETTTTTTTTTTTTS!!!]]'''
* Ryu? Ken? Peeshaw, I can do Shoryukens better than anyone else. Heck, I'll even do them in ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom3''!
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBLHmGgLNBQ This clip]] showcases me pulling off my version of M.Bison/Dictator's Scissor Kick.
-->'''Me:''' I really hate that video. I get my butt kicked by that cheap dark fireball-spamming [[MultiversalConqueror Dormammu]]. Laaaame. Next one's better.
* Also, watch me demolish Wolverine with my own [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16lsJREj9vY Lifebar and Hyper Meter]]. Oh yeah, I'm so awesome that the game decided to give Cap's team a pity score with timeup, before I beat Cap with those.
** And for those curious, here's what I say during that attack: "Health bar in your face!", then "Feel the love of the Hyper combo!", followed by "And it's a hooooooome run!". I top it off by singing "This is the Hy~per Com~bo!" after the attack is finished.
* My first revealed alternate color for VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom3? My old X-Men outfit. I also got my old Weapon X outfit, too. Oh, did I mention that X-23 is now in the game? Yup, you can now have your own Weapon X team!
* I did a team-up with The Artist Formerly Known As Captain America. After demonstrating my extreme awesomeness to him and his team, I was put in charge of the mission to stop *giggles* Doctor Bong *chuckles*. That's right, I got to spend a whole evening telling Captain America, Black Widow, and Moon Knight what to do. And I even commemorated my triumph over my former psychologist *snicker* Doctor Bong *giggle* with fireworks. [[BlatantLies Too bad]] I had to have Captain America sit in my lap for there to be room enough for the fireworks in the car. I was THIS close to having Black Widow sit in my lap instead, too.
* In Deadpool #33, T-Ray confronts me by saying I'll never be a real hero or find happiness. And he does this while I'm surrounded by everyone I've ever killed. [[http://community.livejournal.com/scans_daily/2775292.html Then I did this.]]
* Bullsye is sent after me, the great Deadpool, one last time (and in Hawkeye's costume, [[ComicBook/DarkAvengers for some bizarre reason]]). And [[http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/Bullseye+ain+t+got+shit+on+Deadpool_e691c0_3928647.jpg this happens]].
-->'''Bullseye''': Okay. Yeah, I admit it. That was [[SymbolSwearing #@$%in']] ''awesome''.
* I once beat Taskmaster... by ''breakdancing''.
* How about ''everything'' I do in the trailer to my sweet [[VideoGame/{{Deadpool}} debut game]]? And it took 'em long enough to get to me.
* When I took down Black Swan, I used my PowerBornOfMadness to be awesome (as usual!), basically making the mindreader live in my head for a minute. [[MindRape Wussy couldn't handle it]]!
* They say that Macho Gomez was the best of the best. Well, I beat that bastard with one (severed) hand tied behind my back! How you may ask? Well, we were fighting, and just after he was sure I was a puddle of wise cracking goo, he tried to kill this guy who was hiding in an escape capsule heading for space. Too bad for him, the guy wasn't inside, I wasn't dead, and once he was in the air, I had his gun.
* Search up the Deadpool story arc 'X Marks the Spot' or just go to a comic book store and buy the graphic novel. Every page is either a Crowning Moment of Awesome or Funny, to the point even Cyclops admits in the end I'm awesome.
* When I got to be a ghost at my own funeral (no worries, I bounce back in no time), I knew it had to be the [[PunctuatedForEmphasis BEST. FUNERAL. EVER.]] The result was [[http://www.4thletter.net/gavok/deadpool/44.jpg this]].
* [[http://ninegrid.ru/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/dudepeel.jpg I shot]] Zombie President UsefulNotes/TheodoreRoosevelt in the head.
* [[http://h8.abload.de/img/hghdeadpoolbth7.gif HATERS GONNA HATE.]]
* Deadpool Pulp: My brainwashing is eliminated when my three split personalities gang up on it.
* The ENTIRE script to my now [[ExecutiveMeddling dead movie]]. The finale in particular is nothing but back-to-bad awesomeness.
* I OutGambitted [[TheChessmaster Black Box]] and proceeded to beat down Black Tom Cassady, Black Swan and the Trapster along the way. Without my healing factor, no less.
* My Marvel NOW! series has six issues of me killing Super Zombie Former US Presidents...really? Do I honestly need to add anything to that?
* At the end of my game, I fight Mr. Sinister and ''win''! If you so decide, I can do this with the swords and pistols I started the game with!
** And THEN, y'know, there's my Super-Awesome Amazing Plan. With a capital SUPER-AWESOME.
* In Deadpool Volume 3 #26, I saved Nick Fury from a time-traveling Hitler. Yes, it was awesome.
* In Dracula's Gauntlet, I kicked the vampire's ass and stole his lady! Now he's licking his wounds and hates the sound of my name while I'm HappilyMarried (and Going OutWithABang)[[note]] It's a good thing I can heal [[/note]].
* No one suggests a PG-13 ''Deadpool'' movie and gets away with it! [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUEkqZxLyrg Not even]] [[Series/SavedByTheBell Slater]]!
* At [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APc-ZaRZeuY the premiere]] of ''Film/XMenOriginsWolverine'', ComicBook/{{MODOK}} tried to pressure me into telling a joke, even though I clearly wasn't in the mood. He continued to pester me, so I retold his origin as a BlackComedy! This might also double as a TakeThat to those who see my comics as nothing more than a bunch of gags.
* In Deadpool: Too Soon, A guy who tried to hit on my wife decided to try and win her back via killing alot of people I posed with for my christmas card. After finally capturing the guy (With some assistance) I turn him to a eunuch and threaten to cut his head off unless he brought the people he killed back to life.
* During an issue of that poser Gwenpool comic, she let slip that she's a fourth-wall breaker, making all that weird RPG analogy stuff to make sense and I decided to remind her who I was, that everyone probably thought she was Gwen Stacy (Cause come on, her name has GWEN in it) and there was no way in hell that I (Who not only a popular comic book character but has the highest rating R-rated movie) would lose to someone who first appear in a Howard the Duck comic. That will show Ms. 'I don't read Deadpool yet kinda dress like him' poser.
* After what happen with my... ex-wife, I decided to head off to space to cool off my head. Granted, I did a stupid things even by my standard (Trying to trick people into thinking I have the one weapon that even galactus fear and people would kill for the prime reason). But no one can deny that bar fight I was in (And won btw) wasn't epic!