Awesome / Dead to Rights

  • Jack Slate beating up the prison warden after seeing him harassing his dog. Most heroes, even anti-heroes, tread carefully when dealing with corrupt public officials. Without proof of what they do, they can't just take them down the way they do regular crooks. Jack says hell with that. It doesn't matter that he's in jail and at the mercy of the warden's retribution. A guy messes with his dog, he gets his ass knocked flat.
  • Jack's method of boarding Fahook's plane. He rides his motorcycle off the cliff the plane took off from, shoots at another motorcycle behind him, and uses the ensuing explosion to propel himself into the closing cargo hatch, all while shooting at the guys standing on that hatch. One of the greatest uses of Cutscene Power to the Max ever.
  • Shadow managing to take down a jet in Temple Tower during the last third of Retribution, by jumping into the pilot's seat and killing the pilot before jumping back alongside Jack's side.Remember that he's a dog!