Awesome / Dead Rising 3

  • Nick Ramos and Chuck Greene fighting side by side to stop Hemlock's drones from harvesting king zombies.
    Chuck Greene: I used to be the guy who solved problems, not cause them. We're going to get that son of a bitch!
  • Following the boss fight with Red, who turns out to be a traitor that is after the bounty on Nick, Annie gets an awesome moment when she uses the same crane he used to trap her to drop a shipping container on him.
    • Right before the boss fight, Nick says he will kill Red with his bare hand, a far cry from the person at the beginning of the game. Bonus points if you actually follow through and don't use weapons when fighting the boss.
  • After struggling with Albert's hallucinogen and seeing the cruel things he does to other people, it is very satisfying to watch him die while getting a taste of his own medicine.
  • Three words: Rhonda's flamethrower arm.
  • Seeing Nick put his mechanical skills to good use in building Combo Weapons and kickass vehicles.
  • Nick taking out Gen. Hemlock:
    Nick: Your lady friend Marian was right. I am the cure. Carlito made me immune.
    Hemlock: You think you got it all figured out, don't you? You know nothing!
    Nick: Well here's something I do know. There is no cure for this.
    Hemlock: Fuck you!
    (Nick kicks Hemlock into the spinning helicopter rotor)