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Awesome: David Letterman
  • Letterman is often given credit for being one of those responsible for helping break alternative rock music to the mainstream American public during the 1980's, and many of his most awesome moments involve this genre of music and its related subgenres.
  • More musically mainstream, but his final NBC show closed with Bruce Springsteen (who Letterman said was the one musical guest he'd always wanted but could never get) doing a knockout version of "Glory Days". He even jumped onto Paul Shaffer's keyboard at one point.
  • His first show after the 9/11 attacks. No monologue, no music, just him sitting at the desk trying to find some kind of explanation or reason for the tragedy. He did similarly excellent work after Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012.
  • Letterman's 2009 on-air confession of having had an affair with one of his staffers and detailing the bizarre extortion plot against him because of it was an oddly triumphant moment, because of the deft way he handled it, even finding some legitimate laughs in the situation. It basically set the gold standard for how public figures ought to deal with scandals: be honest, upfront and genuinely contrite, but be yourself.
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